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Attend ‘The Magic of Awakening Retreat’ in Tiruvannamalai

December 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Attend 'The Magic of Awakening Retreat' in Tiruvannamalai

Attend ‘The Magic of Awakening Retreat’ in Tiruvannamalai

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in New Delhi

November 4, 2014 Leave a comment

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in New Delhi

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in New Delhi

Attend ‘The Magic of Awakening Retreat’ in Chennai

July 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Attend 'The Magic of Awakening Retreat' in Chennai

Attend ‘The Magic of Awakening Retreat’ in Chennai

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in Goa

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in Goa

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in Goa

Magic of Awakening Retreat – Part I in Singapore

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Magic of Awakening Retreat – Part I in Singapore

Capture of truth seekers during MoA part I retreat in Singapore

Tej Gyan Foundation’s Singapore center has conducted the Magic of Awakening Retreat – Part I in English on April 20th 2014.  Here is a capture of truth seekers during this retreat.  Same retreat will be conducted again on 27th April at Pebble Bay Condominium in Singapore. SMS your contact details to 98001491 or email at

The Magic of Awakening Retreat – Part I in Singapore on April 27th 2014

The Magic of Awakening Retreat – Part I in Singapore on April 27th 2014

Celebrating St Valentine’s day

February 14, 2014 1 comment

St. Valentine was a pastor in the church during the Roman period. The king of Rome announced that if the soldiers are married, they are not productive – therefore, the king motivated those who were not married and did not show attachment to any relatives or family members. St. Valentine opposed this and he was imprisoned by the king. St. Valentine was recognised as a “friend of Love” and as a remembrance of his sacrifices, St. Valentine’s Day is generally celebrated on the 14th of February.

Dates are only a reason to get people to remember the true purpose. The true purpose of St. Valentine’s Day is to understand the importance of and increase the following qualities in our lives:

- Sensitivity
– Receptivity
– Starting and finishing things on time (Well in time)
– Timely service
– Seeing and loving the world as one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam)

Those who are “friends of Love” are in love with qualities of love that was seen in St. Tukaram, St. Mary etc. Let us understand the real meaning of this in more detail.

Love is the only thing that you get when you give – not when you take. To receive love you should be receptive i.e. ‘well tuned’. A radio that is tuned catches the frequency right when it is turned on so you do not have to keep tuning it and lose time in doing so. Similarly, we should not waste too much time in tuning ourselves to receive the final truth of life. We must understand and fulfil the true purpose of human life. When you receive a call on your cell phone, you try to reach a place where the reception is clear. Similarly you should tune yourself to go within to listen and receive truth clearly.

Always use your ‘understanding’ to interpret the meaning of rituals and do not go by what the majority of people say. St. Valentine’s Day should help us understand the meaning and importance of “Oneness”. Whatever you are in Love with you become receptive and sensitive towards that. If your level of consciousness is low, you will love lower things.

Receptivity is catching the signal or the channel you want among many different signals. If you are less receptive, then the sounds will be less and other channels will also show. But you will choose to see the channel you want even though the sound is less. Sensitivity is catching even the slightest signal. Ideally you should have both qualities of sensitivity and receptivity, but if you have to choose, you should choose receptivity. When you are receptive, you are more tuned to what you want to see. Therefore, decide what you want to see, what you want to choose.

The higher your consciousness level is, the better are things you will love. Do not fall in Love, “Rise in Love”. If your love for someone easily turns to hatred, jealousy or ill-will due to a simple event or a misunderstanding then you must realize that there was no love at all. When your level of consciousness is low, then you will be influenced by the company you keep. Tough events in your life are a means to test the existence or persistence of love amidst an environment of low consciousness.

With time, the word saint vanished and the meaning and real essence of the word Valentine disappeared too. In order to maintain the sanctity of this day, we should wish each other as “Happy St. Valentine’s Day.” Valentine’s Day should be addressed as St. Valentine so the meaning is not lost with time. It should serve as a reminder for us to contemplate on the real purpose, to become sensitive and receptive to “Bright Love”. Once you experience and become one with such Love, you will be able to express the best qualities and achieve your full potential.


A Mini Exile in 2014 : New Year Message from Sirshree

January 1, 2014 22 comments

As per the epic Ramayana, Lord Rama went on a 14 year exile. The year of 2014 can be a reminder for you to go on an exile too. Not a 14 year exile. But in the entire year of 2014, go on a mini exile for your spiritual growth.

Going on an exile does not mean going away to the jungle. It is an exile into your own mind. Going on a mini exile in 2014 means deciding to make 2014 a year during which you practice meditation in the marketplace, spirituality in the stock exchange, bhakti in the boardroom, tranquility in the theatre.

The way to practice this mini exile is to send your senses into an exile every time you get an opportunity The concept of going on an exile is just a reminder. Let us now examine how this concept can become a medium for your spiritual growth:

Exile for your eyes: Reduce watching some television serials or unwanted entertainment. You are not being asked to eliminate this entirely. But do send into exile some unwanted entertainment. Ask yourself, “Will I really lose anything if I send some serials into exile?”

Exile for your tongue: Reduce harsh words and hankering after taste. Decide which words shall you banish from your vocabulary and which foods shall you send to exile.

Exile for your ears: This year, expel hearing gossip or hearing the criticisms of others into exile. Reduce this to whatever extent you can. If you used to listen to gossip for 20 minutes in a day, reduce by 10 minutes.

Exile for your nose: Every time you smell a fragrance, take a deep breath. Thus, you are not sending the fragrance into exile, but you are using this as an opportunity to send your breath into exile. One long breath could be equal to two short breaths. So, you have sent these short breaths into exile. This practice will help in improved health too.

Exile for your skin: Reduce make-up or anything you do to beautify yourself to a small extent. There is no harm in grooming or looking presentable. There is no harm in doing make-up. But wake up before you make up. Check what do you believe yourself to be before you do any make-up. Make-up done considering yourself to be the body does not help in spiritual growth. If you consider yourself to be the body, then it gives rise to further desires such as: ‘I should look good’, ‘Others should admire me’. Analyze why you want to look good. Is it constantly required to look into the mirror? Remind yourself of your true nature and banish some unnecessary time spent in adorning yourself into exile. At minimum, consider being without any make-up one day in a month.

Exile for your gadgets: Dependency on gadgets is giving rise to habits that hamper your spiritual growth. These include constantly checking for email or SMS, updates on social media, etc. Remember that being on the Self (consciousness) is more important than uploading your Selfie (a self portrait). Once a month relegate all your devices. Live without gadgets for a day to begin reducing your reliance on them.

These are some ideas to welcome 2014. Practice these ideas whenever you can. Remember, we are trying to fit an exile of fourteen years into a capsule of one year in 2014. Therefore, take on a strong intention to find time throughout the day to send your senses or gadgets into exile. Be inspired by Lord Rama and Ramayana for this purpose. Lord Rama had Lakshmana and Sita accompanying him and was later joined by Hanuman. Lakshmana embodies ‘clarity of purpose’ (lakshya), Sita embodies ‘purity in action’ and Hanuman exemplifies ‘devotion to the almighty’. May these powers of clarity of purpose, purity in action and devotion to the Higher Self help you in your mini exile this year.

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