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Extract from the book “The Magic of Awakening” in the Hindustan Times

On 27 Sep 2009, Hindustan Times Delhi featured an extract from The Magic of Awakening. You can read the text version below:

Botox for the brain : Bottling Karma Cola

What makes a complete deed? The deed (karma) in which the soul (atma) in which the soul is infused is a complete deed — it’s a deed done with karmatma. Karmatma means the soul of the deed. Without the soul, a deed is a dead deed. If the deeds that are happening through us carry such a soul, then the gates of moksh or salvation, can open for us.

Those who awaken the soul of a deed are called karmayogis. A karmayogi is able to understand signals given by nature for performing a particular deed. Acting in accordance with those signals, the deeds that he performs open the doors of liberation.

There are three constituents of karmatma: love, right intention, and wisdom. The first important constituent of karmatma is wisdom. The time invested for understanding leading to wisdom is very important. We should not perform soulless deeds because they result in nothing but misery.

If a deed is done with love and devotion, only then does it become impersonal. If love and devotion are lacking then the soul of the deed is weak. If love, right intention and wisdom are proportionate, then karmatma is strong. People are performing deeds, but without karmatma being the driving force. When these three elements, love, right intention and wisdom are present in our deeds, there is no attachment, and no bondage results from these deeds. When the fruit of karma (the result of a deed) is surrendered to God, then there is no attachment to the fruit. If there is the feeling of being a non-doer in karmatma, then karmic bondage is not formed. The feeling of love, non-doership and understanding are the life of karmatma. Hence, it is very important to know the intention behind every deed.

Evaluate the actions that you carry out from morning to night and analyse with reference to karmatma. Is it that our deeds are handicapped? Even small talks should be done keeping karmatma in mind.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book the Magic of Awakening by Sirshree;Penguin 2009

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