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Karma series – 1

Q: Does my every action reap some result? Why am I not able to see the results of my actions immediately?

Sirshree: To know the answers for your questions you must understand the science of Karma. The moment one performs an action (at the level of thought, feeling, or body) he reaps its fruit. One may experience the end result either immediately or at a later time. It takes time for the fruit to manifest; hence the end result of some actions comes to us immediately while of others, later on. Human eyes cannot see this because of the limited vision.

You drink water on feeling thirsty. As soon as you perform the action of drinking water, you gain a feeling of satisfaction. When you serve an ailing person, an act of service is carried out by you, and you instantly get the feeling of fulfilment and joy. You don’t have to wait for it until your next birth. The result is the feeling that you derive at that very same moment; all you need is the understanding to grasp this form of subtle results. Nature gives man a sample of the end result of his actions in the disguise of feelings. For example, when you wish to buy some candies, the shopkeeper first gives you a sample to taste. Likewise, when you think negative about someone, nature gives you a sample of its result in the form of a feeling that you experience within you. The feeling could either be of anger, sorrow or just ‘not feeling good’. It can also be a feeling of happiness, joy or love that evolves immediately once you act or think. Based on the experience of feeling you can then imagine how bitter or sweet the actual fruit to come will be!

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