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The Magic of Awakening Retreat at Byron Bay, Australia

Spreading its wings down south The Magic of Awakening gave an unforgettable taste of the pure self inside each one of us to a group of 15 dedicated truth seeker when for the first time the retreat was condcuted in Australia. The serene and scenic beach town of Byron Bay, one of the most beautiful palces in Australia became the backdrop for the intense and interactive sessions of the retreat when this small group was engulfed in the vast expansion of pure presence. The space inside merged with the space outside taking the participants into a dimension ouside of the inside-ouside of this realm.

The participants were extremely happy to know simple tools to access the happy natural state, wondering how could they have failed to perceive the obvious truth every present. The cheerful face conveyed the happiness inside and the state of complete awareness to the inner space. Eager to share this joy to others the participants wanted the retreat to be conducted again in the Town of Byron Bay.

With more and more requests pouring in from various corner of the world, this Magic of the Raising Universal Consciouness will touch the shores of Australia in the month of August….so keep watching this space.

Enquiries can be posted to: ma@tejgyan.com or tgaustralia@yahoo.co.au.

Happy thoughts!

Photos of Retreat @ Brunswick Heads, near Byron Bay, Australia
*Please click on the image to enlarge

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