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What happens on Self Stabilization?

Seeker: So, what happens on self stabilization

Sirshee: From the state of enlightenment arises the expression of unbroken joy, unconditional love, and fortitude. Infinite creative potential is manifested leading to unique creations. Even if the expression of this state is restrained due to any impediment at the body level, it does not cause any concern. This is because of the unshaken clarity as to who is expressing through the body. This expression is not that of a limited individual, but that of the Universal ‘I’—the Self. Therefore there is supreme contentment. This is the state of liberation from ego (the false notion of an individual ‘I’ which assumes a separate existence from the rest of Creation). Upon attaining Self Stabilization, the fictitious individual that was created due to the sense of apparent separateness gets eliminated. The multi-headed demon (the contrast mind, impregnated with various false notions and tendencies) is vanquished; it is the victory of Divinity (Self). The remembrance of the Self and its Experience remains thereafter.

What happens on Self Stabilization?

What happens on Self Stabilization?

When one stabilizes in the Experience of the Self, one is able to see all the possibilities at once. There, neither does ‘past’ exist, nor the ‘future’. The eternal present alone is. In other words, the so-called past and the future are experienced in the timeless present. This is beyond the understanding of the intellect.

Before the attainment of Self Stabilization, one leads his life by choosing an option at every juncture, according to his tendencies or level of understanding, though several possibilities exist for him.

Let us imagine that there are some slides containing certain images. Suppose that ten such slides are stacked together and you are asked to look at the entire stack. You will not be able to understand the images, as they overlap. In this case, you will need to keep a gap between the slides and watch them one after the other, to understand each picture. This gap is called ‘time’. Time was created in order to watch and understand the photographs in sequence. Just because the element of time is brought in, the ‘now’ gets divided into ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. Time is thus a grace that is bestowed upon us so that we can see the entire film in sequence. Otherwise, the entire film is here-and-now.

Similarly, there are endless possibilities in the life of any human being. All the possibilities exist in the here-and-now. One who is enlightened realizes this secret as the entire scene unfolds before Him. For example, the event of a vehicle approaching a crossroad may be a future scene, and a vehicle that has passed would be a past scene for someone who is standing on the ground. However, someone who is viewing from a helicopter above is able to see the vehicle that has gone (past) and the one that is going to come (future) in the ‘now’. He is able to clearly see what the driver of the vehicle and the bystander are able to see. He can also see what the people on the ground are not able to see. He also sees the blocks or obstructions that are preventing them from seeing what they are unable to see.

Seeker: What thoughts arise on Self Stabilization?

Sirshree: Thoughts do not ‘arise’ in the mind after Self Stabilization. Rather, they are ‘brought forth’ voluntarily from the thoughtless state. Before Self Stabilization, thoughts occur at random. This is because man does not remember his real purpose of coming on earth. Thoughts that arise after Self Stabilization are an expression only meant to impart or help gain the Truth to other bodies. This is because one has regained or remembered the true Self and the purpose of coming to earth. All those thoughts that used to arise when man was leading life believing that he was an individual body, come to an end. On Self Stabilization, you are in effortless samadhi. Whether thoughts are there are not – does not effect you.

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