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Is the Truth bitter or sweet

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Q&A with Sirshree

Seeker: Truth is God, Truth is beautiful. Then why do people say that the truth is bitter?
Is the Truth bitter or sweet

Is the Truth bitter or sweet?

Sirshree: People say many things. If people knew the truth, then whatever is happening in the world today, would that be happening? People do not know the truth. They call information of external things and general knowledge as the truth. The truth gives joy at the beginning, at the mid and at the end. This means it always gives happiness. It is beautiful and sweet. Taste it from anywhere. It is always sweet and never bitter. If truth seems to be bitter, then one should check his tongue to see if there is something bitter on his tongue. If someone is told, “You are a fool… you are fat… you are ugly…”, then this person feels bad. People think that perhaps he found this truth to be bitter. But actually it was not the truth, but the information about his body-mind that he felt bad about. His true self is beyond the body-mind. The truth (the ultimate truth) is beyond the body-mind. But people consider the truth and information to be one and the same.
The ones who coined the statement, “Truth is God, truth is sweet and conducive to wellbeing of all,” had experienced the truth. Those who said that truth is bitter had misunderstood information and general knowledge to be the truth.

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