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Awakening to Religion

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The poem below based on Sirshree’s teachings highlights that ‘consciousness’ is the underlying thread of all religions. One of Sirshree’s key teachings is that the world does not need a new religion, it needs a new string that binds all religions together. And the existential experience of consciousness is that string. Hindus worship the sun. Muslims consider the moon auspicious, while Christians refer to the star of Bethlehem. But the hidden idea behind these reflections is to prod the humans to take a deeper look at the sky. The sun, the moon and the stars are symbolic pointers for gazing at the  vast nothingness of the sky – the all encompassing consciousness.

Instead of arguing whether it is ‘Aham Brahma’ of the Hindus, ‘Allah’ of the Muslims, ‘Wahe Guru’ of the Sikhs, ‘Yaweh’ of the Jews, ‘Bodhisattva’ of the Buddhists, or ‘God’ of the Christians that is more meaningful and relevant, then, it must be known that ‘consciousness’ is the most appropriate and the true reference to the Self. The whole world needs to understand the nature of the Self; it is the same pervading consciousness that is referred to in all religions. This consciousness can only be experienced. Words are only a medium to understand just, the existence of this Consciousness. Words can never surpass its meaning or explain it entirely. The experience of the Self is beyond description of the material words. This feeling of the Self or consciousness can be experienced through various methods suggested in every religion. The ‘understanding’ of how this can be made possible is the only thing the world requires. With this experiential understanding, you get led to the divine, silent, stillness – the tranquil point of consciousness. Rest in the celestial stillness and know that you are God, that consciousness is your true nature.  The poem below only serves as a pointer:

The word ‘Buddha’ means the awakened one,
Aren’t we all Buddhists if awakening in us is done?

A true ‘Christian’ is one who has awakened to Christ consciousness,
Aren’t we all Christians if we are established in this oneness?

The word ‘Islam’ means being surrendered to God’s will,
Aren’t we all Muslims if we are surrendered and still?

A ‘Hindu’ is one who follows the vedas – the essence of wisdom,                                                                                                                                             Aren’t we all Hindus if we have access to knowledge’s kingdom?

The word ‘Sikh’ means one who is a disciple – a learner,
Aren’t we all Sikhs if we are a seeker?

A ‘Jew’ is one who believes in Yaweh – the inexpressible name of God
Aren’t we all Jews if the inexpressible yet accessible consciousness is our Lord?

Awaken to the Self – whatever be your religion,
When you begin to awaken, you belong to all faiths or belong to none.

  1. sushil
    September 23, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I always wondered right from childhood that how come this can be true that there is only one God and different religions are the ways to reach to him. Indeed this was the popular phrase our elders used to tell whenever I asked them about different religions. Somehow I felt less satisfied as the answer was more of a theory and not backed up with experience. Only after doing the MA retreat of Tej Gyan Foundation , I got the real answers and all the queries disappeared in one go not only about religion but also about many other things/issues in life.
    As SirShree says – “Everything is game of beliefs, Understanding is the only way out” . I strongly recommend this retreat that shapes the real understanding, to all the people. Do it at first available opportunity. Thank you and Happy Thoughts

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