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Awakening one liners

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About the book

About the book

A one liner is a powerful quote that can awaken you. It forces you to contemplate and brings forth a new dimension you may not known to light. Take a look at this example for instance:

Similar to the above quote, find below some powerful one liners from the book The Magic of Awakening. The book contains 111 Answers on life and living and though every answer is detailed, a glimpse is provided below through powerful one liners chosen from the answers:

Q 4: For whom is spirituality meant for?

Spirituality is reality, and reality is meant for all. – Sirshree

Q 13: Is it wrong if we raise our hand to hit someone?

Let your consciousness rise first and then your hand. – Sirshree

Q 16: Should I live for myself or for others?

Live for others because there is no other. – Sirshree

Q 23: Does using make-up or cosmetics distance us from spirituality?

What make-up you use does not matter as long as you wake up within the make-up. – Sirshree

Q 24: Should I worship idols or not?

If by the worship of God’s idol, you imbibe the qualities of God, only then it is of consequence. – Sirshree

Q 39: I feel incomplete as a woman because I am unable to bear a child. What do I do.

If you are able to transcend the body and know your true self, then the very question of ‘incompleteness’ would not arise, because you are complete or absolute from the very beginning – Sirshree

Q 78: How do we practise the greatest devotion in the world?

The greatest devotion in the world can take place only when the thought, ‘The greatest devotion should take place,’ which is present within you disappears. – Sirshree

  1. Tejas
    October 22, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    This is too good. Thanks for all those enlightening one liners ….

  2. sachin karde
    July 10, 2012 at 10:49 am


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