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Liberation from False Notions

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Q/A with Sirshree

The biggest notion is that of yourself and about your body

The biggest notion is that of yourself and about your body

Seeker: How to attain God?

Sirshree: When all false notions about yourself get broken – you attain Him.

Seeker: What do you mean by false concepts and notions?

Sirshree: Those that are mere beliefs – which have been merely accepted at face value. Suppose, I start believing that if certain targets are achieved in my life – only then I am successful, then I have a ‘false concept’ of success. Because people have told me that such an achievement alone is what consists of success. Now, if something like that doesn’t happen in my life, then I will believe that I am a failure, because the world calls it a failure. This means that I have to be unhappy or happy depending on these beliefs and concepts of others, whereas real happiness is something totally different.

Seeker: How can I obtain liberation from notions, beliefs and false concepts?

Sirshree: Only by understanding. The moment these notions come under the light of understanding, they dissolve. The meaning of the word ‘notion’ is something that does not exist – but is merely a belief, an idea.

Seeker: What are the various false concepts of people?

Sirshree: People have false notion of life and death. The notion of how to live, how to wear clothes, the notion of good and bad, the notion of fasting and penance, the notion of religion and cults, some false concepts about God, etc. These are some minor notions.

Seeker: Then, what is the most major notion, the most important one?

Sirshree: The biggest notion is that of yourself and about your body.

Seeker: How?

Sirshree: You consider yourself to be the body even though in conversation you say that ‘this is my body’. When you say ‘my body’ – then how can you be the body?

Seeker: That means I am not the body!

Sirshree: Definitely not.

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