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Thought Meditation

Thought Meditation (Image via flickr)

  1. Close your eyes and sit in the meditation posture and fingers of hand in dhyan mudra (index finger touching the tip of thumb, remaining fingers stretched out).
  2. Start watching your thoughts. See which thoughts are going on inside you.
  3. Keeping the body steady, keep watching the types of thoughts that are going on in your mind from a distance (without getting identified, remaining separate). In this meditation, while being separate, you will know what kind of thoughts go on in your mind, what thoughts are going on about various subjects…
  4. Keep watching and knowing your thoughts like a witness. Don’t label any thought as good or bad. Avoid any such desire that I want more thoughts or I don’t want any thoughts.
  5. Initially do this meditation for 5 minutes and gradually go on increasing its time. When you become an expert in this meditation, then start giving numbers to your thoughts.

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