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Tejam: Bright Witnessing

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Q&A with Sirshree

'Bright I' means the I that is beyond me or you.

'Bright I' means the I that is beyond me or you.

Seeker: Sirshree, What is Tejam or Bright Witnessing?
Sirshree: Tejam is “Tej + Aham”. ‘Aham’ means I. Tej means bright. ‘Bright I’ means the I that is beyond me or you. It is the impersonal I (not me) – that is within everyone; everyone is within that.

Seeker: What is the nature of this Tejam? How is it like?
Sirshree: Words cannot express its nature. But its nature has been described as Sat Chitta Ananda. Ananda means bliss. Sat – means truth, that is the silence (moun) behind the mind. Chitta – means the mind. Truth (Sat) created the mind and then identified itself with the mind and thus the individual was created, and then Bliss (Ananda) manifested. This is possible in no other animal, but man.

Seeker: When will we attain this Tejam (Impersonal I)?
Sirshree: You just try to understand what these concepts and beliefs are, how they get created. With understanding, these concepts and beliefs would automatically fall. Then you will start looking at the world – as it is. If you are assuming a rope to be a snake – then the right understanding will enable you to see the truth. Until you continue to believe a rope to be a snake, your ignorance will not be cleared. The world would always, thus, keep you mired in the wheel of happiness and unhappiness. This is what has been called the vicious circle of the illusory world. This does not however mean that it is enough to be freed from unhappiness. Even happiness is a shackle. It is just that unhappiness is handcuffs made out of iron, while happiness is one of gold.

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