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The Whole-Sole Purpose of Your Life

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Being established permanently in the Self is called Self Stabilization

Being established permanently in the Self is called Self Stabilization

We have within us a centre, a core, from where all our thoughts and feelings emanate. The most interesting part is that this center is always fixed, it never moves. It is akin to the axis of a fan which is always stationery and is essential for the fan to function. Similarly there is something within us which is stationery and fixed. To get established there is the whole sole purpose of your life. Once you have access to that centre, then you will learn that there alone lies eternal bliss. That center can also be called the Self. Being established there permanently can be called as Self Stabilization, which is distinct from self realization – a one time glimpse.

There are three steps to attain the whole-sole purpose of human life.

Step 1 : Be Positive Minded.

Always bear a positive outlook. Several pessimistic and negative thoughts might come across your path in this journey towards your goal. Transform every negative thought to a positive one by using the word ‘but’. If a thought comes to you, “I am sad”, then immediately transform this thought into a positive one. Say, “I am sad, but if I desire, I can experience the feeling of bliss here and now itself”. If you think that “I cannot do this work”, then reframe the thought in this manner: “I cannot do this, but with the help of God it can be possible”.

Step Two : Be Present Minded

In this step you are required to keep yourself alert about every sound, every incident, every thought around you, every moment. By doing so, you will become sensitive about yourself and your surroundings. You will also get rid of forgetfulness. You shall no more remain absentminded. Your awareness about the present also will make you aware about negative emotions or vices in you such as hatred, disgust, anger, pride, comparison and greed. Thus your mind starts to become pure. Practice living in the present using all the methods and meditations that you come across. (Many such exercises are featured in our newsletters regularly)

Step Three : Be Single Minded

In the third step, you are undisturbed and only focused towards the whole-sole purpose of your life. Remind yourself of your whole sole purpose throughout the day. It is the law of life that whatever you are receptive toward, whatever you focus your attention on, that manifests in your life. Be single minded about the whole sole purpose of being established in the centre within where you experience eternal bliss.

These three steps take your mind within. Mind is the cloud that is shrouding the sun (Self) from shining. When your mind surrenders to the centre then only will happiness, tranquility and love manifest. What was always ever present can be experienced. Practice Self Enquiry to reach the Self, to reach that centre. Practising Self Enquiry is one of the best ways to take your mind within where it gets eliminated so that the Self shines.

Self Enquiry is a path that is gaining popularity nowadays. It is an ancient method, that has been time and again revived by realized souls. After Ramana Maharishi revived this process, many have taken up this path. Still it is one of the most misunderstood of concepts. Sirshree Tejparkhiji demystifies Self Enquiry and leads the seeker step by step in his book “Self Enquiry with Understanding”.

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