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Karma series – 2

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Q&A with Sirshree

The three elements of Love, Right intension and Wisdom form the ‘Karmatma’

The three elements of Love, Right intension and Wisdom form the ‘Karmatma’

Q: Is all suffering in my life because of my bad Karma of this birth and past births? Will I ever be able to get liberated from the bondage of Karma in this birth itself?

SirShree: Any action performed without the ‘Karmatma’ results in bondage. The three elements of Love, Right intension and Wisdom form the ‘Karmatma’. Actions that are performed unconsciously, further result in tendencies or habits that make us act in the same way again and again. In reality the patterns or tendencies are the fruits of our own actions; they are exactly the elements of bondage which all great saints have warned us about. Because of these habits, no new response to situations and events emerge from us. Thus one always attracts similar situations and events in his life, experiencing and creating same resultant pain and suffering repeatedly for one-self.

The fruits of your karma manifest in this lifetime itself. If the fruits of your actions were to manifest only in the next birth, no man could ever attain liberation. This is because while experiencing the results of his earlier actions, he would again react to them thus creating new karma. Further now he would be liable for these new actions and as a result again would react, create newer actions and attract newer results. This cycle of reacting, creating new karma and experiencing their result would thus continue everlastingly and man would never get liberated.

One must understand Karmatma deeply and fully to free oneself form the bondage of karma. The Karmatma should be such that your actions do not create any bondage. If the intention of your action i.e Karmatma has – love and devotion emanating from complete surrender to God, the intention of non-doership and Wisdom of your true self, then this action will not result in any bondage or karma. Actions performed without this understanding are mere reactions based on the accumulated, thoughtless patterns of your mind – body mechanism. Reactions are devoid of any understanding. The circumstances around you help you to decide and further act on it. Only actions performed in consciousness and through understanding liberate you from reactions; otherwise a man’s life is like a person who keeps rowing a boat all night in darkness without untying it from the shore.

To get free from the bondage of Karma you can do the following –

a) Increase your awareness and break unconscious reactions and tendencies.

b) Pray whenever the old tendencies tend to emerge. Praying will make you alert to them and will protect you from succumbing to their influence.

c) Surrender the fruit of every action to God i.e. performing every action with a feeling of detachment and non-doership.

d) Make your life an impersonal one.

e) Work on attaining the Bright understanding.

Since man considers himself to be the body, he lives his whole life under the impression that only when he reaps the fruits of all his actions, will he get liberated. In reality what YOU are is free and liberated right from the very beginning.

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