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“I Don’t Know” Meditation

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In ‘I don’t know’ meditation, all labels have to be kept aside.

In ‘I don’t know’ meditation, all labels have to be kept aside.

  1. In ‘I don’t know’ meditation, all labels have to be kept aside. A label is any word that we use to represent a physical object.
  2. When you see any object – like looking at a wall clock in your house, tell yourself, “I don’t know what this is.” Whenever you see any object at home or even if you see your mother, then don’t say immediately that this is my mother. You should say, “I don’t know who this is. Let me see which lady is going”. Then look at her face carefully. You would be surprised that so many changes have taken place in your mother’s face and you haven’t even noticed them because seeing had totally stopped. You have put the label that “This is mother. What is there to be seen?” Seeing has stopped. But we have to start seeing again. Looking at a chair, don’t say ‘chair’. Ask, ‘What is this thing?’. Seeing in this way changes your attention. This is called ‘I don’t know’ meditation.
  3. After having seen every object in the room without labeling, then that very room will become alive for you. Every object will feel more colorful and more alive. This meditation will also end your boredom.

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