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Search for God

Q&A with Sirshree

Search for God

Search for God

Seeker: From time immemorial, the search for God has always been on. Has there been any final conclusion to all this?

Sirshree: Yes. God is Silence manifested. It is only in silence that He can be known. Words can merely act as indicators. But when these words fall in the hands of sectarians, then they become the reason for differences and conflict. That is why people like the Buddha never even mention the word God.

Seeker: What stands between me and God?

Sirshree: Your fickle mind and its wrong concepts and beliefs.

Seeker: I have lots of shortcoming. Will God remove them?

Sirshree: If your faith persists – all these shortcoming would be overcome.

Seeker: Why doesn’t God himself raise this faith in me?

Sirshree: For this you have to understand the truth or surrender to God.

Seeker: If I surrender myself before God, then don’t I need to do prayers?

Sirshree: Surrendering is the most supreme and powerful prayer of all.

Seeker: But how to keep faith on God’s grace?

Sirshree: Don’t try to feel God’s grace with your mind. If you are not feeling His grace, it doesn’t mean that God is not showering grace on you. Do not compare or judge God’s grace in your imagination. You are born as a human – this itself is a big grace of God. Then in this body if the desire for truth arises, it is the second grace. Meeting a Guru who tells you the truth is the third grace. Faith arising on the Guru is the fourth instance of grace. You have already been bestowed with some of this grace.

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