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Self Transformation through Knowlerience

Self Transformation is self liberation followed by self development followed by self expression.

Self Transformation is self liberation followed by self development followed by self expression.

An individual may have many aims. He gets joy and satisfaction only after achieving his aim. However, he is unaware that hidden behind every aim, is the chief aim of self transformation. This can be termed as ‘Aim Beyond Aim’. Self transformation refers to realizing one’s potential and then expressing it. In this article Sirshree presents the perspective with which one should approach this aim.

“Self Transformation is self liberation followed by self development followed by self expression. Self Liberation refers to freedom from negativities such as fear, worry, anger, etc. Self Development refers to improving positive qualities, working on every level of life. Once you are liberated from negativities and have developed your qualities, the demonstrable results in your life and their impact on those around you become your Self expression. In other words,

Self Transformation = Self Liberation (from problems) + Self Development (in all 5 areas of life *) + Self Expression (the impact on your life and others)

Self Transformation is akin to blossoming. A photograph is of no use if it remains confined within the camera itself. For a photograph to be expressed to the world, it first needs to be washed and then developed.

The one who is in the path of self transformation is a warrior. A warrior takes everything in life to be a challenge, responding fully to what happens without complaint or regret. What usually matters most to people is affirmation or certainty in the eyes of others; what matters most to a warrior is commitment to transformation. This warrior is one who has clarity of body, mind and intellect. Clarity with respect to the body refers to being aware of postures, the breath, the interplay of the physical elements, becoming sensitive to just how much food and sleep is actually needed. Clarity with respect to the mind refers to clarity of emotions, thoughts and different mental states. Not getting caught up in the whirlings of the mind, retaining the balance in their flow of thoughts. Clarity of intellect refers to not being muddled or confused about what is happening. And he does not have this clarity at merely an intellectual level, but at an experiential level. He is a warrior with knowlerience.


Knowlerience is a word that you will not find in the dictionary. Knowlerience refers to knowledge and experience. Knowledge could be mere expression in words. Experiential knowledge is what is more important, not just intellectual knowledge.

You have understood that Self Transformation is needed across the three layers of the body, mind and intellect and in the five levels of life. But mere understanding is not enough.

For the transformation of the body, you have to practice a proper diet (pure diet), practice breath control (pranayama), exercise, and take timely rest. Also, you should seek the benefits of all the gifts of nature such as air, water, sunlight, natural herbs, etc. Many have a ‘body of knowledge’ about the body. Only when they practice what is mentioned therein, they have knowlerience of body transformation.

For the transformation of the mind, you should practice cultivating optimistic thoughts (Happy Thoughts) and a strong aim. Be deeply watchful of your thoughts and you will be liberated from vices such as fear, worry, anger etc. Many have a mindful load of information about the mind. Only when they practice a few things from that truck load of information, they have knowlerience of mind transformation.

For the transformation of the intellect, you should practice farsightedness, originality, practicality and act as per what the situation needs. Many intellectually understand the intellect. Only when they practice what they intellectually understand, they have knowlerience of intellectual transformation.

Even if you are told the deepest secret of the universe, it would appear as just empty words until there was enough practice.”

You will find more information about this topic in the book by the same name. In it you’ll also find an action plan for each aspect showing how you could plan your actions and work your plan. Imbibe them and you will have knowlerience of self transformation. Then you would have learnt to convert problems into opportunities.

Note : * 5 areas of life are : physical, mental, financial, social and spiritual

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