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Enquiry about Ego

Q&A with Sirshree

In relationships, there should be 'bright love' and not mere expectations

In relationships, there should be 'bright love' and not mere expectations (Photo via flickr)

Seeker:  Is fear, greed or ego the reason behind all the work that we do? Is that why you are asking us to do self-enquiry?

Sirshree:  When you think honestly, you will find that you work with some expectations and with some ego. You have expectations from your brothers, sisters, spouse, children, etc. You want these expectations to be fulfilled. If they do not fulfil these expectations, then they become the reason for your unhappiness and anger. In relationships, there should be ‘bright love’ and not mere expectations. Also in exchange of this love, one should not expect name, fame, and gratitude. This bright love will come to you automatically through understanding. The ego will dissolve.

Seeker:  How does this ego get created?

Sirshree:   Once a child is 2 or 3 years old, the contrast mind begins to form. Which then takes the credit for every action. Then ego begins to increase. Different experiences… successes, wealth, status, etc. fuel the ego even further. Because of the habit of taking credit through appreciation, we gradually become a slave to praise. There is no limit to the ego. One can never satisfy it. This is its nature. If we wish to feed the ego with praise and when we don’t get praise then we have to bear its miseries as well. Self-enquiry with honesty will dissolve this ego and you will then find out your true nature, your being. Most of your problems will end immediately. Enquiry is such a technique that if it is done with understanding, then it can result in self realization.

Seeker:  Now, I am beginning to understand many things. What else have I to learn?

Sirshree:   You have to learn a little and do a lot of unlearning. Whatever concepts and beliefs you have assumed and accepted have to be removed and cleared through understanding. Whomsoever has the desire for happiness, peace, bliss etc. should do this enquiry.

  1. subhash bhatia
    July 21, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    I have a lot to unlearn but happy to share my recent learnings. I understood that “Bright Love” in relationship means accepting the other for what he or she is and he or she is not. I have been practicing 100% – 0% (hundred percent responsibility on SELF and zero percent responsibility on the OTHER in any relationship)formula in relationships and it is causing wonders for me.

  2. gkaundilya
    July 22, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Can we have some embedded audio here for some guided meditation at least for a minute or two.


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