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Internal Guidance – Intuition

We sometimes get a hunch that a particular person will meet me today. Our mind tells us that he is too far away to meet. Our intuition proves right and he does meet or call us.

You might have noticed that sometimes you choose one out of many options based not on factual data but on our inner gut feeling and that choice proves right. This is intuition power. We all have it. Sometimes we get an inkling that a particular thing will happen although our mind rules out any such possibility, but this intuition proves to be right. Such things do happen in everyone’s life one time or the other.

What is my aim in Life?

Intuition means tuition from within. Our Intuition is perpetually guiding us. It keeps telling us – What is harmful for us, what is not… Who is a friend, who is not… Where is danger and where it is not… and so on.

Most of us do not cultivate this power properly. If we do so and also develop faith in it, it has the ability to give us correct guidance at every step. This tuition never goes wrong. Learn to listen and trust this soft voice from within.

It is important is to have faith on your intuition.

Man is so engrossed with his external (outer world) activities that he has lost touch with his intuition (inner world). This is a wake up call. We must remind ourselves of this already existing wonderful power within us. We have to know it by experience – through listening and observation. If we do that, we realize that the source of power is within us.

Our every step can be guided from within. We have to develop faith that timely guidance comes from within when needed. Once we get tuned to our inner guidance, we will not have any fear. If at all a danger approaches us, our intuition will forewarn us so that we can prepare ourselves to face it.

Once in awhile, do ask yourself ‘What is my aim in Life?‘ Your intuition will give you the answer. There are very few who are working towards their aim in life with full understanding and awareness. In today’s fast paced life, one tends to live mechanically. One must therefore repeatedly ask oneself the above question. The answer will definitely come and this answer is of ultimate importance.

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