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Enquiry about God

Seeker: Where is God?

Sirshree: You choose from these three answers:

He is within.

He exists externally.

Both in and out.

Seeker: I guess the third one.

Sirshree: Exactly. For Him, in and out makes no difference. The difference is only in our contrast mind.

Where did God come from?

Where did God come from?

Seeker: Then where to seek God?

Sirshree: You tell me. If he is both in and out, then where should you seek him?

Seeker: Maybe ‘In’ would be easier.

Sirshree: Precisely. Even if you seek Him outside, you will ultimately reach within. We look out into the mirror (an external source), but what it does is just to reflect us as we are. All idols and religious symbols stand for only one reason… to take us within. Then only do temples serve their purpose.

Seeker: Where did God come from?

Sirshree: This question sounds like a good question. But this question means that God was somewhere else and was not here. When He came here, then He won’t be there, where He was. So, does He keep moving from one place to the other?.. God is everywhere (omnipresent). Where did God come from?.. this question itself is wrong. If someone asks you, Is red color crooked or straight?, then you would say that red color has no relation with being crooked or straight. This question is wrong. Similarly thinking about questions like – Where did God come from?, Where He was?, are unnecessary.

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