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The Art of Averting Double Unhappiness

(Sirshree’s article in Speaking Tree on May 8, 2007. Click here to read this article on the Speaking Tree website)

Why are you unhappy? You could be unhappy because of double unhappiness. Suppose you are troubled by something… suppose your body is under pain — this is the first unhappiness.

But on that unhappiness the mind becomes unhappy, “Why this pain? Why me? When would this pain go away?” Then the unhappiness of the body increases many times over.

The Art of Averting Double Unhappiness

Non-acceptance of unhappiness is the point where double unhappiness begins.

The body is in pain. The body is curing it too. Nature has its own way of healing. But the mind made it “my pain”, “my unhappiness”.

Instead of working on curing yourself of unhappiness, work on curing yourself of double unhappiness. Children get angry. But you also see them playing peacefully the very next moment.

Now compare that to an instance where you have gotten angry. You got angry. It does not trouble you as such. The episode is over. But you are thinking, about it.

Even after the incident has passed, what you think gives you trouble. This means you get angry over anger and this troubles the mind.

As your understanding increases, you get rid of this double unhappiness. Unhappiness alone cannot trouble you. Unhappiness in and of itself does not possess the capacity to trouble you.

Non-acceptance of unhappiness is the point where double unhappiness begins. That is where there is unhappiness over unhappiness as to why you are unhappy.

When there is acceptance of this unhappiness, then unhappiness over that unhappiness doesn’t happen. Depression doesn’t occur.

The understanding will arise that it is only non-acceptance that is unhappiness and that it is only acceptance that is happiness.

Accept moments of unhappiness and let it go. How do you let them go? You let unhappiness go without resisting it by asking a simple question, “Can i accept this?”

This question propels the release of unhappiness. In most cases, the answer you shall receive within is that you can accept this.

You immediately release your unhappiness and change your focus. What if you cannot accept your unhappiness? What if the answer to the question, “Can i accept this?” is a ‘no’?

Then, ask yourself a second question, “Can i accept that i cannot accept this unhappiness?” Be alright with your non-acceptance. Do not become unhappy over not being able to accept.

Then you are not accepting non- acceptance. Accept the non-acceptance and you shall be able to release your level of happiness instantly. What is true at one level is true at all levels.

As in small, so in big. As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm. When you answer “Yes” to the “Can i accept this?” question, then you have let go of negative feelings associated with it.

You may think that this is just a small step. But when you do so, it causes a giant shift in your consciousness. At that very moment, a lot of other unrelated things open up for you and you begin to attract more positive things.

The smallest letting-go action helps us in every facet of our life. Not only do you become mentally free, but it affects you at the physical, emotional, social and financial levels, setting off a chain reaction that reverberates through your entire being and leaves you in quite a different place than you were before.

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