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See the reflection of the Self in kith and kin

Seeker: Do we need to be associated with kith and kin in order to live in this world? When man knows that he has come alone and will exit from this world alone, why then does he get into marriage? why does he beget children? Why does he toil for getting name and fame?

Sirshree: Yes, it is indeed essential to maintain associations with kith and kin in order to live in this world. Let us understand this with an example. You make friends and acquaintances with fellow passengers whilst you are traveling alone by train. Why do you do so? It is so that your journey transpires smoothly. However, this is an obvious reason. The other reason is so that you can learn the lessons that you have come to learn in this world.

See the reflection of the Self in kith and kin

See the reflection of the Self in kith and kin. Image courtesy: EzykronHD

The deeper reason for the creation of so many relations and relatives is that you (the individual) are crooked from eight angles (Ashta-vakr). What do you do, so as to straighten your crooked aspects? An individual with the eight fold crookedness  (Ashta-vakr) is also Ashta-ark. Let us understand the meaning of these two terms. Within us, there are certain aspects that are crooked and certain aspects that are our nature. The term Ashta-ark means the Self and Ashta-vakr refers to the ego-sense. The individual is crooked in eight ways due to the eight fold illusion (Ashta-maya). The notions of ‘I’-‘Mine’-‘To me’-‘You’-‘Your’-‘To you’-‘They’ and ‘To them’ are the eight crooked aspects. How do you get rid of them? For this you first need a mirror that enables you to see all the crooked aspects. Without a mirror, you will never able to know of them.

When people see their own photographs, they exclaim “’Hey! Do I look like this? … Do I think like this? … Do I walk like this? … Do I walk like this? … do I have such eyes? … such hair?’ People come to know about many of their own aspects only when they see their own photographs. When one hears his own recorded voice being replayed on an audio player, one would exclaim ‘Oh! Is this my voice?! … I never knew it is like this! … I never knew it’s so harsh!’ in the same way, the bad qualities, i.e. the eight fold crooked aspects that exist within the individual should be brought to light. If we do not get a chance to observe our own shortcomings, it will seem to us that we are absolutely perfect and absolutely right. For this reason, it is necessary that we get the real picture.

You need a mirror to visualize the crooked aspects within and also to see yourself

You need a mirror to visualize the crooked aspects within and also to see yourself

For example, if a judge, who passes verdicts in the court of law, continues to pass his judgments at home as well, it could be unacceptable to his family. He then leads an unhappy life. One day, he will try to analyze and see what are the mistakes he is making. He will see where he is going wrong. He will then realize that the world, comprising all the people he has to deal with, is indeed a mirror. In the court of law, no one can dispute his verdict as he benefits from the position of the judge. However, at home, he does not have the rank of the judge. At home, he is what he actually is. His designation does not come to his rescue. Thus, at home, he is able to see the reflection of his nature. He will not be able to impose his verdict on his child. His child will not adhere to his verdict. The child will naturally be obstinate. The orders that he commands at home are not final. The child will remain adamant and will force him to change his mind. It is possible to experience all these aspects only amidst kith and kin. If someone is telling you something, you are getting irritated … if someone is telling you something else, you are pleased… sometimes you do not carry out the task assigned to you by a particular person… you can witness all these vagaries of the mind only amidst relationships. What happens when you are dealing with your neighbor or the grocer? What is happening when you are shopping for clothes? What are you doing when you are buying medicines from the pharmacy? What are the questions you are asking? What are the underlying fears that that are evident from the questions you ask? Our kith and kin serve as a mirror to reveal ourself and the fears that lurk within us.

Ashta-ark indicates that when you get rid of the eight-fold crookedness your essential nature (Ark – essence), the self reveals itself. These very relations can then become the medium as well as the opportunity for the expression of the Self. This will be the beginning of heaven in life. When you are overflowing with boundless love, it will naturally be shared with those who are close to you. When the clouds are full of water and precipitate, where do they rain? Obviously, the land that is directly below the clouds will receive the rain.

By now, you must have understood that your essential nature is veiled by the eight-fold crookedness (Ashta-vakr). You therefore, need a mirror to visualize the crooked aspects within and also to see yourself. Your kith and kin serve as such a mirror in your life to enable you to see your nature.

  1. surendra boganatham
    May 17, 2013 at 9:56 am

    “Ashta-Vakr”. I have seen Sirshree style of teaching where seems to enumerate few things as solution. this gives idea to the listener that all he has to do is remember these and remember at the right time and act from that memory. Life cannot be captured by this seemingly simple formula, life is always fresh as he says and needs to be met with fresh mind.
    I am not sure if this is KG spirituality strategy of Sirshree

  1. March 6, 2013 at 12:36 am

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