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You are using your body; you are not the body.

You are using your body; you are not the body.


You can try the following experiment right now as soon as you have finished reading this article. What you need to understand before the experiment is: You are using your body; you are not the body. You use a car, but you never say, “I am this car.” You always say, “This is my car.” With whatever word you use ‘my’, you cannot be that (my house, my eyes, etc.). To understand this in depth, try the experiment given below.

Look at one of your hands and ask yourself, “Am I this hand?” Answer this question with your feeling and not with your intellect. Give yourself a minute to feel it. Again, look at your hand and ask yourself, “Am I this hand?” What relation do you feel with your hand?… Am I this hand?… Look at it carefully.

The experience or feeling you get is: ‘It is my hand but I am not this hand.’ In the same way, repeat the same thing with every part of your body (feet, knees, face, etc.). Then what feeling do you get…“I am not this.”

The next question you should ask yourself is, “If this hand is cut, then will I become incomplete?” “No, I am still complete.” The feeling, the experience that is present within says, “I am complete.”

A person’s hands and legs may get amputated due to an accident, but still he says, “I am there.” He never says, “I am incomplete… earlier I was complete… now I am incomplete.” Because when the body is cut, you (the real you) don’t get cut. When you start experiencing this truth, then the root belief that ‘I am this body’ will break..

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