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Daily Quote from Sirshree: Today’s Topic: The Mind

The reflection of the Self is like the moon in a pond, which is disturbed by the ripples of the restless mind.


To know more about making the mind unshakable, read Sirshree’s book, The Unshaken Mind. A shaky mind is a slave of its tendencies. It is incapable of the highest creation in the divine plan of God. It is an ignorant mind that clouds one from seeing things as they truly are. The bias and prejudices of the mind color all that man sees. The impression of incidents and circumstances that occur in his life, make him a slave of his own imagination and logic. It is only an unshaken, pure, and loving mind that can be instrumental for the highest creation. Would you like to accomplish Mission Earth and realize the full potential of your mind? Know the mind, its 11 facets, its weaknesses, the food that fuels its ignorant existence, and accomplish Mission Earth by giving it the right understanding, training and direction.

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