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If you have faith, you will see

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Difference between the mind and no-mind states

Every world has its own rules. The mind’s world is the scientific world. In the laboratory the mind examines everything to see, “What is this thing. How does it work?” This is the world of the mind. On the table of the mind’s laboratory are all things of this world and the mind is their examiner. The mind is a scientist and the rule of science is: First see and then believe. This is why the mind is not able to believe in the Truth without seeing it.

This is not the case in the world of no-mind. The rule here is: If you have faith, you will see. In this world, the mind itself is on the laboratory table.

If you have faith, you will see

The mind does not realise that it was due to its absence that the Experience of Self was witnessed. 

Understand this further. Whenever you experience something good or bad, the mind that says ‘I am experiencing this’ is absent. After the experience has taken place, the mind comes in and says, “I experienced this.” Imagine that you have gone to an amusement park and are taking a joy ride in a giant wheel. When you come down from a height speedily, you experience something. At this moment, your mind does not come and say, “This experience is happening with me.” This is because at that moment the mind is not there. There were no thoughts too at that moment which comments on the experience. But later, the mind which has not experienced anything comes in and says, “Today, I had such and such an experience.” In this manner, the mind retrieves the memory of the experience from the memory bank and associates itself with it. Everyone has been given the power of memory. The mind remembers this memory and says, “I had this experience.” If the mind were to be told that it was not there at that time, it would not believe it.

The mind does not realise that it was due to its absence that the Experience of Self was witnessed. The mind itself is an obstacle in the Experience occurring. The mind must attain the understanding that the Self-Experience happens only in its absence. If the mind has faith in this understanding, it will agree to go unto Silence (moun).

Faith is extremely important in the process of attaining the Self-Experience, because the mind lives in the illusion that it experienced the Self. The mind refuses to understand that it was absent when the Experience happened. Until it has strong faith, it will keep saying, “How can this be?”  When the mind has faith on one who has hinted to you (the Guru), the mind surrenders, bows down and falls. The Self-Experience then begins to reveal on its own.

  1. September 28, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Reading this my mind readily admits “Guilty as charged”. It also understands it is futile for it to try to pursue “understanding” or “experiencing” Self! I experience a glimpse of Self in unconditional love, kindness, giving etc. Mind is not there then. Wish I could train the mind to be turned on when dealing with the outside world and off otherwise.

  1. April 20, 2013 at 3:15 pm

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