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The cornerstones of Faith and Confidence

The Ladder of Supreme Faith and Complete Confidence
Faith is a feeling of trust. Faith is trust in others, faith in the universe. Conversely, faith in oneself is confidence. Thus faith is the common factor. But the invisible ladder is one of Supreme Faith and Complete Confidence—where you are beyond faith and confidence, where there is no doubt left. When you have the feeling of supreme faith and complete confidence, then you have acquired the ladder, which will take you beyond the joys and sorrows of this world towards ultimate success.

Supreme faith and complete confidence come from the inner experience

Supreme faith and complete confidence come from the inner experience

Faith is the greatest vibration on this earth. The vibration of faith helps open the body and mind of a person. He then becomes more receptive to the world around him. The vibration of faith helps him counter the negative vibrations of fear and worry.

Confidence is faith in oneself. Self-confidence is the foremost requirement of man. It is as important as breathing. There is no fruitful existence of a human being without self-confidence. Due to lack of self-confidence, people lose out on innumerable opportunities in life.

Self-confidence is that dimension of human life with the help of which the impossible becomes possible. Self-confidence is that key which helps us to complete all that is not complete and take our life forward. Self-confidence helps us unravel all the mysteries about life and shows us how we can use them to develop our lives.

There are five types of basis from which people derive their confidence:

  • Confidence acquired through physical strength
  • Confidence acquired through observation
  • Confidence acquired through name and fame
  • Confidence acquired through money
  • Confidence acquired through position

All these types are temporary, as they are dependent on external factors. This type of confidence or faith does not take a person very far in life. Every type of confidence or faith has a limit, i.e. it can guide you up to a certain extent but not beyond.

Everyone desires to posses and express 100% confidence and faith. Sometimes your confidence and faith manifests when you visit holy places, temples, churches, mosques or other sacred places. People get positive experiences at those places and then they want to return to those places time and again. They are, however, not aware how faith is expressed.

You already have confidence and faith within you; you do not have to imbibe it from outside. You just have to express it; you have to open yourself. When you have faith that something will happen and you are fully confident about it, you will surely meet with success. You will feel great about life.

Supreme Faith and Complete Confidence
Complete confidence goes beyond doubt and no doubt. Supreme faith goes beyond trust and no trust. It is not dependant on external factors. Supreme faith and complete confidence come from the inner experience. This is the confidence in self and faith in the Supreme acquired from within, through the experience of Truth. It never diminishes. This is supreme faith — faith in the Supreme. This is complete confidence—unshakeable faith in yourself. This is the biggest strength of a person. Try to understand that this is within you.

When you have complete confidence and supreme faith, you have seen and climbed the Invisible Ladder.

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