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Power of Prayer ( …the right decision)

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Old Story, Golden Moral by Sirshree

Power of PrayerSome pigeons used to sit on a tree in a park. Suddenly danger started lingering on these pigeons. A hunter began to frequent the park. Every time he came, he hunted down a pigeon to take home.

One day, two pigeons were sitting on the tree. They saw the hunter come towards them, at the same time they also saw a hawk hovering above. It was a frightening situation. Both of them said to each other, “Now what do we do? If we continue to sit here the hunter’s arrow can pierce us, and if we take off in the sky the hawk may catch us.” Then one of them said, “There is only one way to get out of this situation – prayer. Come, let us pray together.” The other said, “There is no use praying now. The time to pray has already passed.” The first one replied, “It is never too late to pray.” Whenever we remember we can at least pray with feeling, understanding and reverence to be saved from the calamity.

As soon as they finished praying, they saw that the hunter was aiming at them. When he was just about to release the arrow, a scorpion bit him. The arrow left the bow, went up straight into the sky and hit the hawk. This was the result of their prayer. They got rid of both their enemies in one stroke.

In the most difficult of situations, when decision-making seems difficult or you need more time to decide, do not forget to pray, even though you do not see any signs of your prayer getting fulfilled.


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