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God’s Desire

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Old Story, Golden Moral By Sirshree

A mother has three sons. They are all seated in a room. The first son wants to watch the television, the second one wants to listen to the radio and the third wants to paint a picture. All three are fighting with each other. The first son says, “You stop painting.” The third one says, “Switch off the television.” So among each one of them, if one has a problem with the television, the other has a trouble with the radio and the third is upset with the painting. The mother observes them fight and thinks, “Let their wishes be fulfilled.” The mother loves her children and so she does not say a word to them. She feeds them on time, buys them toys and provides them with everything they need.

God's Desire

The children are busy in fulfilling their desires. Then suddenly one day they think of their mother. ‘What is her wish? Does she want us to watch television or not? Does she want us to listen to the radio or not? Does she want us to paint or not? What does she want? It is important to know mother’s wish.’ Every child at some point of time does think what his mother desires, who has always been showering him with unconditional love.

The three children in this analogy symbolise the body, mind and intellect. The mother symbolises the Self. The body, mind and the intellect wish that their mother’s will be fulfilled. They want to know her wish. True happiness lies only in fulfilling their mother’s wish. They discussed among themselves and prepared to surrender themselves to her cause. They all realised that whatever they did so far was only a drama.

  Points to contemplate:

*  What was the mother’s primary desire?
*  What will happen if that is fulfilled?
*  What do children need to do to fulfill it?

Ask yourself whether you really want that your mother’s (God’s) desire be fulfilled through you?

* Find out the answers by reading the book ‘The Unshaken Mind

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