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Impersonal service

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Seeker: All spiritual paths lay emphasis on social volunteering and free services (seva) from members. Devotees spend hours and hours together, without any expectations. What is the purpose of this? Does it really help an individual grow spiritually?Impersonal service

Sirshree: To understand the importance of seva, you have to remember your ultimate goal of life. Remember, you have come to earth along with the mind. But while returning, you have to take it back – making it good, unshakeable, pure and loving. If you succeed in doing so, your MISSION EARTH: your purpose of coming to Earth, will be fulfilled. *

Every religion in the world has emphasized the need for purity of mind. Hence the Yam-Niyam, the Panchsheel, the Ten Commandments, etc. have been laid down. People leading impersonal lives easily manage to keep their mind clean and pure. To lead an impersonal life is to serve others with a feeling of selflessness, and to always intend the welfare of others with every action.

There are both positive and negative thoughts in our mind. While we benefit from positive thoughts, we also suffer the ill effects of our negative thoughts. The common tendency of the mind is to be attracted towards negative thoughts. The mind gets tainted due to this. The goal is to make it steady and pure. Hence it is essential to employ it in impersonal service. Impersonal service can cleanse the mind.

Through impersonal or selfless service, the mind can become Hanuman; Hanuman who is always immersed in service and devotion. Described in the epic Ramayana, he is considered to be the epitome of impersonal service. There is no service that is great or meagre for him. He does everything with the feeling of service. It is then that this very mind will become a ‘Super Mind’. ‘Super Mind’ is a mind which reaches that place on time wherever service is required (just like Superman). The ‘Super Mind’ is always ready for service.

The mind is connected with time. Hence you have to become Superman as soon as possible; which means that you have to render impersonal service like Superman. We must therefore resolve to finish our tasks before time. Always employ the mind in impersonal service. Once the mind tastes impersonal service, it will transcend time and go beyond it.

Seva imparts understanding to the mind that it needs to lead an impersonal life. After attaining this understanding, man realises that every work in the world is impersonal.
* Read “The Unshaken Mind” written by Sirshree to know more about Mission Earth.


The Unshaken Mind – Discovering The Purpose, Power And Potential Of Your MindThe Unshaken Mind

The human mind is a wondrous creation. It can be resplendent with the freshness of an infant, or stagnate with the obstinacy of the old age. It can be a devoted servant, or even a wild master. It can be leveraged to earn money or can also be used to attain wisdom. It can surrender in devotion, or be lost in delusion. It can continue to vacillate between the past and future, or serve as a mirror for the Self experiencing supreme happiness. With so many possibilities, this mind can be an all powerful tool with infinite potential for the highest creation. But the mind’s potential is only realised when it is given the ultimate purpose: the purpose of human birth on earth – Mission Earth. The aims that we pursue in our lives are not the true purpose for which we were born. They are merely meant to sustain us.

A shaky mind is a slave of its tendencies and cannot be trusted for the highest Self Expression. It is only a mind that is unshaken and remains unshaken, whose power can be channelized comprehensively towards the highest creation.


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