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Why do questions arise in man?

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Seeker: Why do questions arise in man? Are all questions important for my spiritual progress?

Sirshree: Why do questions arise in man? If that’s your question, the answer is: Why should questions not arise in man? What would happen if man did not have questions and what happens when questions do arise? The right answers encourage the spirit of inquiry and lead to the death of ignorance. When questions arise in man, he begins to search for the answers and evolves in the process.

It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one

It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one

People ask various kinds of questions. Some are for self-development, some are for the purpose of accumulating information, while others are for achieving spiritual progress or awakening. Life wants its secrets to be unravelled; that is its desire, but some effort must be made to understand the mystery. This is similar to the mastermind who creates riddles, but does not want that them to be solved quickly and easily. Hence, the secrets of life are uncovered only by some great souls who make the effort. This is how the game of life is played. It’s an invisible game.

Spiritual progress is also not visible to the eye, but the understanding gained by asking right questions and getting the answers helps us to move ahead on the path of spiritual progress. It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one. The questions that the Buddha asked on seeing an old man, a sick person and a funeral, initiated the search of that which is immortal and led him to the ultimate truth.

When such questions arise in one’s mind, one sets off on the journey to find the truth. With some individuals, such questions lead to scientific discoveries. However, discovery is actually rediscovery. Things that are hidden only need to be rediscovered. Hence, it is important to question.

Seeker: How to know which questions are right?

Sirshree:  Some people want to endlessly ask questions to fatten their books, i.e. they want to gather all the information in the world. Their questions seem endless: What is the price of things in various cities? What is more in demand in which city? Which TV serial has more TRP? What is the speciality of a particular country? What kind of roads do they have? Why are our roads not like theirs? How are festivals celebrated there? What kind of names do they have? How do they pray?… But such questions that are asked only to get information are futile.

Questions that are asked to boost one’s ego are totally wrong. It is wrong to ask questions in order to demean the other person (‘Do you know what I know?’) Ask yourself the purpose of asking the question. Is it for displaying your knowledge, for boosting your ego, or for learning the secrets of life and the right way to live your life? Every question reveals the level of evolution of the questioner. When you ask questions, new options open up before you.

The only worthwhile questions are those which lead to the end of ignorance and give birth to the spirit of enquiry. When ignorance is eliminated, creation takes place and the highest possibility of creation manifests. This possibility is known as the seventh or supreme level of consciousness.

Let us now contemplate to understand our own state:

–                      What are our questions?

–                      What is our present level of consciousness?

–                      How much have we progressed?

–                      How much has our intellect evolved?

The answers to these questions open new vistas for you – you are able to think in new ways. As a result, new thoughts, new feelings and new words emerge from you.  Your questions reveal your current state.

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