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Selfless Service

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Old Story, Golden Moral By Sirshree

There was a leper who used to beg all day. He would happily sit alone in the corner of a street. People would pass by and some would give him alms and some would not. There was a man who was closely observing this leper every day. He wondered, ‘what inspires this leper to live, what are his aspirations, why doesn’t he think of ending his life?’

Serve others as if there is no other

Sirshree says, “Serve others as if there is no other.”

Every human being has some purpose to live. For some, it is their children, while for some it may be to acquire wisdom. One may live to earn money and another would live to acquire a name, fame and power. Everyone has some or the other purpose of living. What does this leper have that inspires him to continue to live?

One day this man could not contain himself and finally asked the leper, “Why are you living? You have so many difficulties, you are in pain, you do not get proper food, you live in this dirt on the footpath, and no one looks at you. So, what is your motivation to live?”

The leper’s reply was astonishing, profound and such that each one of us should deeply contemplate on it.

He said, “I am living for you. Actually, I have come to know my true nature, who I am, what the purpose of my life is and why am I here. Hence I am living. Had I not known this, I would have committed suicide long ago. So, whenever anyone asks me why I am living, I will tell them that after having seen my true face, the feeling of a Witness and a Self Witness has arisen in me. Therefore, I am in great bliss. You may be feeling that I am very unhappy, but actually I do not have any sorrow, I am not at all unhappy. Whenever a curious person like you passes by, I act and yell out as if in great pain so that a question arises within him too as to what is it that drives me to live despite so much pain. You just can’t imagine how much I enjoy performing this act!”

The leper had realized the purpose of his life. He was performing his role with utmost sincerity and dedication so that his purpose was fulfilled.

Points to contemplate on:

The leper knew why he was living. Hence he was in constant feeling of bliss and rendering impersonal service of helping all unconditionally. He actually did a great service for people.

Have you asked yourself and got the answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Why I am here (on earth)?

(If you are a member of Tej Gyan Foundation, then are you actively participating in ‘Satya Trikon (Triangle of Truth)’? That of Shravan (listening the discourses), Seva (service) and Bhakti (devotion), given by Sirshree). Sirshree says, “Serve others as if there is no other.” Service can be in any form: physical efforts, sharing wealth, sharing knowledge of the truth, by giving someone your time, your smile, your advice, etc.)


When we understand the purpose of our life, even sorrow can become the cause of happiness. Till today, we have been stuck with the dualities of joy and sorrow, honor and insult, success and failure. But we have never tried to know the third entity, which is beyond these dualities. After knowing it, we will be liberated from both, happiness and sorrow. Otherwise we will be stuck in duality all our life and will never try to understand our Mission Earth.

Seva (impersonal service) actually helps the sevak (seeker) to discover and break his tendencies and reach a point of clarity, where he knows and understands the true purpose of life.

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