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Create Your Future

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Gems from Sirshree

The choices that you make in life pave the way to the creation of your future. Your choices shape your future. Every person should ask himself, ‘What is the shape of my future? What choices am I making that will create my future?’

What choices am I making?

What choices am I making?

A person who does not get what he seeks, chooses to feel pain and be unhappy. He does not realize the quality of the choice that he has made at that time. He chooses to remain unhappy in his situation, which of course is a lower choice, thus creating a future on those lines. On the other hand, another person chooses to remain happy under the same circumstances. The choices that they make create their respective future courses. Hence it is necessary that you remain conscious and alert at all times while making choices and be aware towards the future that is being shaped by your choices.

It is you who decides what you want to create for your future and for the rest of your life. Hence, after every task, ask yourself whether you have made the highest choice for the given moment. This question will keep you alert at all times. As a result, you will be able to function from an elevated level of consciousness. This way, instead of creating hell by your lower choices, you will create heaven by choosing responses from a higher level of consciousness.

Whenever you are able to convince yourself that whatever you are going to do is not going to be difficult but easily achievable, you automatically feel motivated to do it.

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