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How to find the True Guru?

Q/A with Sirshree

Seeker: Why does a truth-seeker need a guru for self-transformation or for attaining the Absolute, the Self?

Sirshree: To attain the Self, you have to first understand the real self (who am I?), the purpose of life (why am I?), and my state/position in the journey of life (where am I?). You have to undergo the process of self-transformation and have to understand that when it comes to complete self-transformation*, you have to transcend the various levels of happiness to achieve the supreme state**. You have to open up and blossom. To do that, there are levels of questions. You have to single-mindedly convert every incident of your life to turn inward and shatter the frame with which you see the world. You have to understand various steps and various states of the Self to attain the Self.

Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation.

Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation.

Self-transformation is the transformation of the Self. It does not mean transformation by an individual all alone by himself. Only someone at a higher state can show you the path. Only someone who has walked the steps can guide you. And the journey is such that though there are steps and states, there is not really “somewhere” to go. It is a journey that begins at the destination and ends at the destination.

Secret of Happiness

Secret of Happiness

Hence the importance of a guide on this journey cannot be overemphasized. Self-transformation is a journey where a GURU is very much required. Not any guide, but a guide who has walked the path and is very much alive giving you feedback and guiding your transformation process.


Self Encounter: Complete Aim of Life – Self Development to Self Realisation

Seeker: How to find the true Guru?

Sirshree: Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation. Pray from the bottom of your heart for a bright spiritual guide… a true guru. There is immense strength and power in prayer. When you have found a bright spiritual guide, then have unconditional and unbroken faith in Him and listen wholeheartedly to what He says.

* Read ‘Self Encounter: Complete Aim of Life – Self Development to Self Realisation written by Sirshree to know more about the 12 steps and 12 states that are progressively experienced in spiritual transformation.

** Read ‘Secret of Happiness written by Sirshree

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  1. Mahesh
    April 20, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Happy Thoughts,

    Sincere Thanks to Sirshree for all the guidance and help provided in this journey. Cannot imagine to move a step forward without the help of Tej GURU.

    In a material world we say ” you don’t know what don’t know” . This is beyond any world where there is nothing about knowing and not knowing. Its all beyond that and hence more important to have True Tej Guru.

    We are fortunate to get such guidance from our Tej Guru Sirshree

    Thanks Sirshree

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