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This site is dedicated to awakening….of yourself and of your true nature. Many  think that awakening is not really essential. Let us understand why it is essential with the help of a small story featured in the book, The Magic of Awakening, by Sirshree

There are some people who live in a jungle. Their eyes are always covered with a strip of cloth. They make huts, pluck fruits, do some cleaning, rear animals, and do other such activities. However, they perform all these activities blindfolded. Hence, while working they keep stumbling, falling and dashing against things. It is difficult for them, yet this is the way they have always lived.

One day, one of them happens to go to a place where his blindfold is removed. He begins to see. He is amazed. This person now comes back and tells everybody that they should go to the place where blindfolds are removed. They should all get the strips pulled off their eyes as it would be extremely beneficial for them. If one of them says, ‘I don’t feel that there is any real necessity to do this, and I also don’t have the time for it,’ what would you say? You would say, ‘You are a fool! If only you remove the blindfold, all your work would get done faster and better.’

All those who are leading their lives blindfolded by false beliefs do not feel the need for awakening . If you want to come out of the darkness, then awakening is essential for you.

You tend to question awakening only because you do not know what it really is. When you come to understand the real meaning of awakening, this question will not arise. True awakening is in knowing your own essence and recognizing who you actually are.

This site and blog is all about the magic of this true awakening.

  1. Sangita Shirke
    March 29, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    I have just realized that i have been moving away from my self which is actually so peaceful, so loving because i had blindfolded myself all these years.now that i have met Sirshree i find life is so simple and beautiful and worth living. Thank you Sirshree.

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