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This is that what we need

May 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Old Story, Golden Moral By Sirshree

A saint was going to a village with his disciples. His disciples said, “It’s getting late and it will be dark by the time we reach the village. Let us stay here for the night.” The saint said, “No, we will go.” The disciples could not oppose him and they set off for that village. It was indeed nighttime when they reached there. In that village, majority of the people were those belonging to a different sect. They were quite unwelcoming and did not provide any food or accommodation to them. All the disciples got angry as they had not wished to come there in the first place.

They started complaining, “We shouldn’t have come now. Where will we go at this hour?”

The saint said, “Don’t jump to conclusions.” Whatever was happening, if only the disciples had known the mantra, they would have said, ‘This is that what we need.’ But they couldn’t say that.

This is that what we need

This is that what we need

They found a ramshackle hut outside the village to spend the night. They had to sleep with all kind of hardships in that rundown place where half the roof was broken. When night set in… what a night it was! A lovely full moon was shining in the sky with all its glory. When the saint opened his eyes after midnight, he witnessed that wonderful sight in the sky and felt so elated that he woke up his disciples to show them too. When the disciples saw it, such feelings stirred within them, such bliss arose in them, which otherwise they would never have experienced. It was then that the disciples realized and agreed that no matter what the situation, it always is: ‘This is that what we need.

Points to Contemplate:

  • What do we understand from this story?

A few moments back it appeared that whatever was happening was wrong. They felt we certainly don’t need this, we did not need to be thrown out of the village. But from the scene that came next, it was evident as to: What was the reality? What were we being prepared for?

  • What kind of experience was to be got?
  • What was the next scene on account of which this scene was created?


The one (Guru) who sees from the helicopter view (higher level of consciousness) knows this. Surrender Completely to your True Guru.

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How to find the True Guru?

April 20, 2013 1 comment

Q/A with Sirshree

Seeker: Why does a truth-seeker need a guru for self-transformation or for attaining the Absolute, the Self?

Sirshree: To attain the Self, you have to first understand the real self (who am I?), the purpose of life (why am I?), and my state/position in the journey of life (where am I?). You have to undergo the process of self-transformation and have to understand that when it comes to complete self-transformation*, you have to transcend the various levels of happiness to achieve the supreme state**. You have to open up and blossom. To do that, there are levels of questions. You have to single-mindedly convert every incident of your life to turn inward and shatter the frame with which you see the world. You have to understand various steps and various states of the Self to attain the Self.

Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation.

Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation.

Self-transformation is the transformation of the Self. It does not mean transformation by an individual all alone by himself. Only someone at a higher state can show you the path. Only someone who has walked the steps can guide you. And the journey is such that though there are steps and states, there is not really “somewhere” to go. It is a journey that begins at the destination and ends at the destination.

Secret of Happiness

Secret of Happiness

Hence the importance of a guide on this journey cannot be overemphasized. Self-transformation is a journey where a GURU is very much required. Not any guide, but a guide who has walked the path and is very much alive giving you feedback and guiding your transformation process.


Self Encounter: Complete Aim of Life – Self Development to Self Realisation

Seeker: How to find the true Guru?

Sirshree: Pray for a true Guru. It is the easiest way to total transformation. Pray from the bottom of your heart for a bright spiritual guide… a true guru. There is immense strength and power in prayer. When you have found a bright spiritual guide, then have unconditional and unbroken faith in Him and listen wholeheartedly to what He says.

* Read ‘Self Encounter: Complete Aim of Life – Self Development to Self Realisation written by Sirshree to know more about the 12 steps and 12 states that are progressively experienced in spiritual transformation.

** Read ‘Secret of Happiness written by Sirshree

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Oneness wallpaper-22

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

“Sleep is a short death that happens every day.
Death is a long sleep that happens once.”

.. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

Sleep is a short death that happens every day. Death is a long sleep that happens once. .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

Oneness wallpaper-22

Click here to download this wallpaper.

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The Magic of Awakening Retreat in the City of Santa Clara, California, USA

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment


The Magic of Awakening Retreat


A journey from experiencing the ‘Self’ (Self-Realization)
to getting established in ‘Self-Experience’ (Self-Stabilization)


in the City of Santa Clara, California, USA


Saturday, 11 May 2013


9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


406 Riverside Court, #306, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Participation during entire duration of the retreat is required and recommended for experiential results.

Register Today!

For registration and enquiries, call

(408) 203 1615

or Email /

No charge, donations are welcome.


The Magic of Awakening Retreat in the City of Santa Clara, California, USA

The Magic of Awakening Retreat in the City of Santa Clara, California, USA

How to be a World Citizen?

March 6, 2013 Leave a comment

One on One with Sirshree: Questions/Answers with Sirshree

Seeker: I wish to do something big for my nation? Please guide me.

Sirshree: First be a World Citizen. ’Start living for others because there is no other.’ When you see the same consciousness in every person – then you will be able to see the world as one family. The Upanishads call this Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. One who understands what Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is one who sees the entire world as his family inclusive of human, plant and animal kingdom. He recognizes being part of the one creation and living like a family sharing everything the world has to offer and caring for others. Seeing the world as a family also signifies being ready to work towards any problem which the world is facing.

How to be a World Citizen?

A World Citizen is a one who sees no boundaries of religion, race, gender, creed, society, sect, and nation. He respects every human life on Earth, without any prejudices and is ready to share everything that nature offers. But how will one become a World Citizen?

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The World is a Family

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is a Family

There are three recommended steps. The first step is to develop your consciousness by recognizing the common thread binding everything on this planet. Thus the first step is the understanding of oneness.

The second step is to develop a global perspective. This can be done by reading the history of other countries, understanding their culture and appreciating their uniqueness. This will make you respect every culture and nation in this world. Interact with people of various countries and cultures. You can do this by traveling, by reaching out to expatriates in your city, through social networking websites, etc. Understand how communities, societies and nations are built. Studying the nature, environment, the balance between the human, plant and animal kingdoms will make you revere the beauty of creation and in turn shall inspire you to take effort to restore and maintain the balance of nature. You shall begin to recognise the common teachings of all great leaders, prophets and saints, pointing to the same Oneness, God and Consciousness present in each one of us. By recognising and identifying oneself with this deeper realm, you operate as a world citizen, seeing the world as one family. All your deeds then emanate from the oneness and you shall only think of the well being of everyone.

The third step is to work towards the benefit of the whole world. As mentioned in the previous chapter, this is to do with taking on impersonal projects for the benefit of others, if possible not just your country – but for the whole world.

Being a World Citizen does not mean you are no longer patriotic to your country. A true patriot is one who elevates the consciousness of his country and also of the world. A world citizen is devout to his country and to the entire world. But he is not one who is only devout to his country while demeaning other countries or is indifferent about other countries. The focus of a World Citizen is elevation of global consciousness – in which his country surely benefits.

A World Citizen works towards establishing an ideal and highly evolved society on Earth. His entire focus, his endeavours, his creation, his inventions are targeted only for the betterment of the whole life on Earth. You have now known the path fo travelling beyond, from being personal to impersonal. Being truly impersonal is when you are ‘globally – impersonal’. Practice the third step to be a world citizen by being ‘globally – impersonal’. It simply needs you to add a global perspective to an impersonal project that you undertake.

Seeker: Why Pray for World Peace?

Sirshree: Whatever you become a medium for, first manifests in your life. Similarly, when you pray for peace, it shall first touch and transform your life. If you pray that help reaches others, help reaches you. If you pray for someone who is ill, your health improves. If you pray for others to get money, money increases in your life. If you pray for the happiness of others, happiness steps into your life. When you awaken love and reverence within you for others, it will multiply and come back to you.

Prayer is an unseen power which manifests in different forms. But due to our own imaginations and preconceived notions, we fail to understand this power.

When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

A man once, began to pray continuously to God with great fervour. After many days, God was pleased with him and said, “I am very happy with your prayers. Ask for whatever you wish. You will get whatever you ask for, but your neighbour will get the double of it.”

The man was delighted to learn that he could get anything he wanted. First, he asked for a mansion. He instantly got a mansion. But he saw that his neighbour got two mansions. He then asked for a car. He got a car and his neighbour got two cars. He then asked for plenty of wealth, which he received, and his neighbour attained double the amount.

Seeing this, he started hating his neighbour. He began to burn in the fire of jealousy. Possessed with this hatred, he asked God to make him blind in one eye. He felt happy to see that his neighbour lost both his eyes. He then asked God to cripple him in one leg. He saw that his neighbour lost both his legs. In his desire to harm his neighbour, he went on hurting himself. But finally he began to repent his sufferings realising, ‘God was pleased with me, but I asked for all the wrong things due to hatred and jealousy. I could have asked for so much more valuable, instead, I lost my eye and leg.’

The same happens with us. Owing to hatred and jealousy towards someone, we often end up taking wrong decisions in haste. At such times we forget that the thoughts of malice and loathing, first affect the body in which they arise. Thoughts such as, ‘My country is great and yours is not’, affect you before causing any harm to others. When the mind is impure, such mistakes are bound to happen. Hence let us not be troubled by seeing others’ progress. Let us, instead, be able to participate in their happiness and share their joy. When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

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Listening to Final Truth

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Q&A with Sirshree

Seeker: What is the meaning of listening without judgement?

Sirshree: Whenever we listen to anything – we listen with preconceived notions. If what we are listening to, tallies with what we already know or believe – only then we listen ahead. And if it doesn’t tally, then we stop listening. Judgement means this decision making of what is good and what is better, what is bad and what is worse, and so on.

Seeker: Is it possible to attain the Truth by mere listening?

Sirshree: Yes. This was what has always happened. In India, Gurus have always first told the Truth as it is. The Upanishads are the proof of it.

It is possible to attain the Truth by mere listening

It is possible to attain the Truth by mere listening

Seeker: Why do you call the spiritual sessions (satsang) understanding sessions (samajhsang)?

Sirshree: Because these spiritual sessions are for attaining the Final Truth (Antim Satsang). In these the Seeker has to make good use of his intelligence and common sense.

Seeker: What is Antim Satsang (attaining the Final Truth)?

Sirshree: Antim Satsang means company with Truth. It is the place where one can experience ‘who are you’. Antim Satsang means the discourses where the final truth is imparted.

Until now, we are aware only of the superficial aspects of the Truth. In the final truth discourses, you will have a deeper insight about The Truth… it is an essence which is bright … it is your existence. For example, the essence of sugar is in its sweetness, the essence of water in its wetness. Similarly, our essence is ‘Self.’ Thus Antim Satsang signifies discourses in the presence of a Guru where you realize and stabilize in Truth.

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Create Your Future

January 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Gems from Sirshree

The choices that you make in life pave the way to the creation of your future. Your choices shape your future. Every person should ask himself, ‘What is the shape of my future? What choices am I making that will create my future?’

What choices am I making?

What choices am I making?

A person who does not get what he seeks, chooses to feel pain and be unhappy. He does not realize the quality of the choice that he has made at that time. He chooses to remain unhappy in his situation, which of course is a lower choice, thus creating a future on those lines. On the other hand, another person chooses to remain happy under the same circumstances. The choices that they make create their respective future courses. Hence it is necessary that you remain conscious and alert at all times while making choices and be aware towards the future that is being shaped by your choices.

It is you who decides what you want to create for your future and for the rest of your life. Hence, after every task, ask yourself whether you have made the highest choice for the given moment. This question will keep you alert at all times. As a result, you will be able to function from an elevated level of consciousness. This way, instead of creating hell by your lower choices, you will create heaven by choosing responses from a higher level of consciousness.

Whenever you are able to convince yourself that whatever you are going to do is not going to be difficult but easily achievable, you automatically feel motivated to do it.

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Blessing of a Good Character

January 14, 2013 1 comment

Old Story Golden Moral by Sirshree

Saint Tukaram’s life teaches us what patience and love is. A still from 1937 movie Saint Tukaram

Saint Tukaram’s life teaches us what patience and love is. Photo taken from 1937 movie Saint Tukaram

A Brahmin named Mumbaji had come to stay in the neighbourhood of Saint Tukaram. He would always despise Tukaram but would also go to listen to his devotional hymns. With Mumbaji as their neighbour, people around are bound to face problems. People like Mumbaji want comfort and security more than knowledge. If he faced any inconvenience, he would condemn Tukaram saying, ‘You pretend to be a great saint. Your cow chewed up my corn; now you have to pay for it.’ Once he was so annoyed with Tukaram that he beat him up black and blue with a tree branch.

When Mumbaji did not come for that evening’s devotional session, Tukaram asked, ‘Where is Mumbaji? Why hasn’t he come?’ He went to see Mumbaji at his place and told him, ‘Perhaps your hands are paining after beating me with that branch. Shall I massage your hands?’ Mumbaji felt deeply ashamed.

 Inner Ninety Hidden Infinity - The secret of staying at the peak of success

Read Book: Inner Ninety Hidden Infinity – The secret of staying at the peak of success


This incident from Saint Tukaram’s life teaches us what patience and love is and how one ought to behave with others. The main point which features in his teaching is ‘staying in the company of virtuous people.’ When you stay in the company of virtuous people, you would automatically get rid of the five vices such as eyeing others’ wealth or others’ women, criticism of others, violence, and desiring respect from others. He says, ‘It’s no use looking at shade from a distance. You can feel it only by going under it. When you go there, you will feel the coolness, and all troubles arising out of heat and anger will disappear.’ This is why it is advised to be in the company of upright people. Only by being in their company, can we become upright.

Points to Contemplate:

  • What do we understand from this story?
  • What kind of company are you in?

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Am I on the right path or not?

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‘Tejgyan’ and the ‘System for Wisdom’

Human beings have the ability to communicate their feelings and thoughts to others through speech. But some thoughts which are too esoteric to be spoken are communicated only through silence. Through these various expressions — feelings, thoughts, speech and silence — we learn about something extraordinary within us, that which makes us feel good when we hear about it, meditate on it and experience it. What is it? What is this truth that lies within us? The answers to these questions will lead you to a state of pure consciousness, the existential experience of being — the source of silence.

Am I on the right path or not?

Is it really necessary to make so much effort, put the body through so much pain? Isn’t there someone somewhere who can answer all my questions? Something is wrong in all this, somewhere there is a missing link.

The primary aim of man is to attain and be established in this state and then share his experience with others. Only those answers which serve this purpose are of any value, no matter how many times they are heard or read. The purpose of the question-and-answer is not to impart intellectual knowledge, but to help you access the Self, the existential experience, which Sirshree refers to in almost every answer.

Answers to all questions are available at the very place from where the questions originate. When this secret unfolds, you will be able to get to the core, the source or the centre of your being. Then you will say to yourself, ‘No question has remained a question anymore. I can now get all the answers from within myself.’ Hence, you access tejgyan.

Tejgyan is that wisdom which is beyond knowledge and ignorance — the source of all knowledge. Knowing and understanding tejgyan leads to a perfectly integrated life. Tejgyan is that state of wisdom where nothing is concealed, everything can be seen clearly.

People assume that Meera sang the praises of the Lord and attained wisdom. But it was the attainment of wisdom that made her sing with so much devotion. Jesus attained a particular wisdom and acts of kindness automatically followed. Not the other way around. This ‘particular wisdom’ is tejgyan.

Many truth seekers feel apprehensive about their quest: ‘Am I on the right path or not?’ Often there is a feeling of vacuum inside; something that makes you think, ‘This path that I have chosen is inadequate, there has to be something more to it.’ At times you ask yourself, ‘Is it really necessary to make so much effort, put the body through so much pain? Isn’t there someone somewhere who can answer all my questions? Something is wrong in all this, somewhere there is a missing link.’

The answer to all these doubts and questions is tejgyan — the truth that is beyond knowledge and ignorance, the truth that can only be experienced. And the missing link is that of ‘understanding’. Understanding leads you to the final truth.

It is this understanding that Sirshree imparts in the MA Retreat (Maha Aasmani / Magic of Awakening Retreat) organized by Tej Gyan Foundation. This understanding leads you to the experience of truth — you may call it self-realization or enlightenment or God-realization or by whatever name. The direct experience of God or Self is possible provided the right method is followed. Tejgyan is that method, that understanding. That understanding can be attained just by listening — systematic listening. This systematic listening curriculum is called ‘System for Wisdom’.

Selfless Service

December 28, 2012 1 comment

Old Story, Golden Moral By Sirshree

There was a leper who used to beg all day. He would happily sit alone in the corner of a street. People would pass by and some would give him alms and some would not. There was a man who was closely observing this leper every day. He wondered, ‘what inspires this leper to live, what are his aspirations, why doesn’t he think of ending his life?’

Serve others as if there is no other

Sirshree says, “Serve others as if there is no other.”

Every human being has some purpose to live. For some, it is their children, while for some it may be to acquire wisdom. One may live to earn money and another would live to acquire a name, fame and power. Everyone has some or the other purpose of living. What does this leper have that inspires him to continue to live?

One day this man could not contain himself and finally asked the leper, “Why are you living? You have so many difficulties, you are in pain, you do not get proper food, you live in this dirt on the footpath, and no one looks at you. So, what is your motivation to live?”

The leper’s reply was astonishing, profound and such that each one of us should deeply contemplate on it.

He said, “I am living for you. Actually, I have come to know my true nature, who I am, what the purpose of my life is and why am I here. Hence I am living. Had I not known this, I would have committed suicide long ago. So, whenever anyone asks me why I am living, I will tell them that after having seen my true face, the feeling of a Witness and a Self Witness has arisen in me. Therefore, I am in great bliss. You may be feeling that I am very unhappy, but actually I do not have any sorrow, I am not at all unhappy. Whenever a curious person like you passes by, I act and yell out as if in great pain so that a question arises within him too as to what is it that drives me to live despite so much pain. You just can’t imagine how much I enjoy performing this act!”

The leper had realized the purpose of his life. He was performing his role with utmost sincerity and dedication so that his purpose was fulfilled.

Points to contemplate on:

The leper knew why he was living. Hence he was in constant feeling of bliss and rendering impersonal service of helping all unconditionally. He actually did a great service for people.

Have you asked yourself and got the answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Why I am here (on earth)?

(If you are a member of Tej Gyan Foundation, then are you actively participating in ‘Satya Trikon (Triangle of Truth)’? That of Shravan (listening the discourses), Seva (service) and Bhakti (devotion), given by Sirshree). Sirshree says, “Serve others as if there is no other.” Service can be in any form: physical efforts, sharing wealth, sharing knowledge of the truth, by giving someone your time, your smile, your advice, etc.)


When we understand the purpose of our life, even sorrow can become the cause of happiness. Till today, we have been stuck with the dualities of joy and sorrow, honor and insult, success and failure. But we have never tried to know the third entity, which is beyond these dualities. After knowing it, we will be liberated from both, happiness and sorrow. Otherwise we will be stuck in duality all our life and will never try to understand our Mission Earth.

Seva (impersonal service) actually helps the sevak (seeker) to discover and break his tendencies and reach a point of clarity, where he knows and understands the true purpose of life.

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Impart Understanding to the Mind

December 23, 2012 Leave a comment

To Live and Lead an Impersonal Life

Whatever work is going on upon earth is all impersonal work! No work is personal. It is just like a machine that has many parts. All the parts work for the same machine. No part works individually. In this world too, all the people present are a part of that ‘Creator’. They are all here to do the Creator’s work, i.e. impersonal work. When God introduced a contrast mind inside man, all his work become personal. Due to this mind, the feeling of ‘I’ (ego) was born in man and all work took on a personal outlook. All this has happened due to this very mind.

We are here to do the impersonal work

Whatever work is going on upon earth is all impersonal work!

But when man attains understanding, he realizes that every work in the world is impersonal. Now, naturally a question arises, then why was the mind created? This is because even the mind is a part of that grand impersonal scheme. The mind has to come. It is due to the mind alone that man attains true knowledge and realizes the Truth. If there is no mind in man, then all the work that is going on upon earth will not take place. It is due to mind that man can understand the difference between the Truth and the untruth.

A magician had some goats. Each day he would slay one goat. He had hypnotized all the goats and filled the thought in their minds through their ears that: You are a lion. Now that magician began to slay the goats one by one in the presence of all the other goats. Because they are hypnotized, none of them ever realized that their turn too would come one day. Every goat had only one thought in their mind: ‘I am a lion. The others are all goats and hence are being slain.’

The mind too is involved in such a game. It has assumed a separate existence for itself and hence is under some wrong impressions. These wrong impressions get fortified with time, ignorance and upbringing. Whatever is happening all around is only strengthening its assumptions. If you look at the manner in which every individual speaks, you will realize that every individual is leading a personal life, thinking himself to be the doer. In this manner every person is living with a burden on himself. I am the doer – with this feeling of doership, every work of the person begins to become personal. Man has forgotten that he has come to earth as a non-doer: for an impersonal cause. But once he realizes this, his mind will immerse itself in selfless service.

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Oneness Wallpapers based on quotations by Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

December 20, 2012 2 comments

Oneness Wallpapers

Wallpapers based on quotations by Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

These wallpapers are based on awakening quotations by Sirshree. Oneness wallpapers are in 1600×1200 px. size. Click on wallpaper thumbnail to enlarge and download wallpaper.

Real prayer is one where God is asked, “Now nothing less than You is sought. I have asked a lot from you. But, now only You are my desire.” - Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji ” Without contemplation even diamonds are chunks of coal. Let there be listening before contemplation. Let there be direction during contemplation. Let there be silence after contemplation. ” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“If, in the present, you can reflect as to what mistake I made today and what different I want to do in the future, only then will your future be reformed and become bright. One Who is liberated from the past and future, his work is done through wisdom.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “When a person has complete understanding, his relationship with everything is that of “You and You”. This means he sees God in everything. In this state, attachment is completely annihilated.” … Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“The greatest help you can ever do for anybody is to just be on yourself, on your true self, on your being. Your attaining that state is the greatest help you can do for humanity.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “Whenever you have an option to do one of the two things, always choose to do something new. For doing something old, mind is required. For doing something new, awareness is required. ” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“Use the head and heart in a balanced and appropriate way. Think from the head and feel from the heart. Be passionate and alert, strong and intelligent all the time. In this way, you will always be free from attachment and illusion. ” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “God, Guru and Grace are three names of the same thing. God is the unmanifest truth and Guru is the manifest Truth. Both are one. The living Guru can guide us at every step. Hence do not get caught in books. Go under the shelter of the awakened. ” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“Meditation is not wasting time, unfortunately that is what some people think. Meditation is investing time, without which we cannot attain our full potential.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “In a real Discourse – the mind is not entertained, but it is eliminated.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“The truth of life lies in the art of being one with life – a truth that not only takes us forward in our spiritual quest, but also elevates our level of consciousness.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “True friends are those that together walk the path of Truth.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“Accept yourself as you are and invoke the power of truth. The power of truth can transform your faith into Supreme Faith. The faith that you develop because of the truth is unshakeable. It remains with you under all circumstances. This is what is called Supreme Faith.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji “Mirror tells the truth about everybody else but does not know its own back. Man too is busy knowing everything else but himself.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
“ Your every desire, your every thought is a prayer. Hence it is crucial to give proper direction to them.” .. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
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How does one make the mind thoughtless?

December 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Seeker: How should one watch the thoughts of the mind?

Sirshree: The thoughts of the mind are watched by being a witness. If someone asks you how you hear sounds, what will you say? You will not be able to answer it in words as this is something that has to be experienced, not something that can be explained. In the same manner, you cannot see the thoughts of the mind, you can only experience them. Understand this through an example. You sometimes close your eyes and sit, and the tune of a song plays inside your mind. But do your ears hear it? You will say that the internal tune is not heard by the external ears; it is playing inside. But how do you hear a tune that goes inside? Many a time, you begin to hear songs that you do not even remember. How amazing is this!

When thoughts go on, they are known by you.

When thoughts go on, they are known by you.

In exactly the same way, when thoughts go on, they are known by you. This is because there is awareness in you, which is also called consciousness or the self. Everything is manifesting within this consciousness alone. Like a firecracker in the sky, a thought rises, spreads and vanishes. Then the next thought, and so on. If you understand this secret, you will enjoy every thought like a firecracker.

How thoughts are watched is something that is to be experienced. That consciousness, awareness, the self is present all the time. It is continuously awake and knowing even in deep sleep. When there is nothing, then too it is knowing the nothingness. It is because of this that you wake up in the morning and remark, ‘I had a good sleep last night.’ Who examined this good sleep? You came to know of it because the knower of the sleep is present within you. The body and the mind disappears during deep sleep. You are the knower, not the body. The more you are convinced of this, the more will you begin to get established in the consciousness.

Seeker: How does one make the mind thoughtless?

Sirshree: Mind means a bundle of thoughts. Thoughtlessness means a ‘no mind’ state. To quieten the mind, self inquiry is the most beautiful method. This method is the path (means) as well as the destination (end). When you ask, ‘Who am I?’, then this thought in the form of a question, will cut off other thoughts and end all other thoughts. While this inquiry is on, other thoughts cannot remain. After ending all other thoughts, this last thought of ‘Who am I?’ will also end itself. Then self-realization takes place. This will break the false belief regarding form, the belief regarding the body. You are not limited to the body. You are boundless and limitless. You will realize this through experience. That is why self inquiry is the most beautiful of methods to make the mind thoughtless.

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How to Attain Self-Realization – Two Paths

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Paths to the Truth

Paths to the truth can primarily be divided into just two, one is the path of surrender and the other is the path of action.


There are many paths to the truth. They can primarily be divided into just two:

One is the path of surrender. The other is the path of action.

On the path of surrender, one surrenders to the true guru and gains understanding of the true self, how everything in this world is going on, and how everything is happening of its own accord. He then loses his ego. And the moment the ego goes, truth manifests; call it by whichever name – God, Self, Witness, Nature, Allah, Impersonal I, etc.

The path of action consists of various activities such as karma, meditation, self-inquiry. Being aware of your actions or deeds and consciously improving them is the path of karma. Meditation or the path of dhyana is where exercises are undertaken for consciousness to return unto itself. Questioning who you really are takes you on the path of self-inquiry.

The first path is the way of the kitten. Look how a kitten does not have to cling to the cat. The cat picks it up and takes it wherever it has to go. The second path is the way of the monkey. Look at how a baby monkey clings to the mother monkey. It is an effort always.

What you have to understand is that you do not have to decide which path is best for you. Whatever your mind likes the best may not be the best path for you. It is like asking a thief how he would like to be captured. The mind has to go. Let the decision happen automatically.


Contemplate on the questions

  • Who am I?
  • How is everything in this world functioning?
  • How everything in this world happens automatically?
  • How are all activities taking place?

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Oneness wallpaper-21

December 5, 2012 1 comment

” Your every desire, your every thought is a prayer.
Hence it is crucial to give proper direction to them.”

.. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

Oneness wallpaper-21

Click here to download this wallpaper.

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Why do questions arise in man?

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Seeker: Why do questions arise in man? Are all questions important for my spiritual progress?

Sirshree: Why do questions arise in man? If that’s your question, the answer is: Why should questions not arise in man? What would happen if man did not have questions and what happens when questions do arise? The right answers encourage the spirit of inquiry and lead to the death of ignorance. When questions arise in man, he begins to search for the answers and evolves in the process.

It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one

It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one

People ask various kinds of questions. Some are for self-development, some are for the purpose of accumulating information, while others are for achieving spiritual progress or awakening. Life wants its secrets to be unravelled; that is its desire, but some effort must be made to understand the mystery. This is similar to the mastermind who creates riddles, but does not want that them to be solved quickly and easily. Hence, the secrets of life are uncovered only by some great souls who make the effort. This is how the game of life is played. It’s an invisible game.

Spiritual progress is also not visible to the eye, but the understanding gained by asking right questions and getting the answers helps us to move ahead on the path of spiritual progress. It was only by questioning that the Buddha became the enlightened one. The questions that the Buddha asked on seeing an old man, a sick person and a funeral, initiated the search of that which is immortal and led him to the ultimate truth.

When such questions arise in one’s mind, one sets off on the journey to find the truth. With some individuals, such questions lead to scientific discoveries. However, discovery is actually rediscovery. Things that are hidden only need to be rediscovered. Hence, it is important to question.

Seeker: How to know which questions are right?

Sirshree:  Some people want to endlessly ask questions to fatten their books, i.e. they want to gather all the information in the world. Their questions seem endless: What is the price of things in various cities? What is more in demand in which city? Which TV serial has more TRP? What is the speciality of a particular country? What kind of roads do they have? Why are our roads not like theirs? How are festivals celebrated there? What kind of names do they have? How do they pray?… But such questions that are asked only to get information are futile.

Questions that are asked to boost one’s ego are totally wrong. It is wrong to ask questions in order to demean the other person (‘Do you know what I know?’) Ask yourself the purpose of asking the question. Is it for displaying your knowledge, for boosting your ego, or for learning the secrets of life and the right way to live your life? Every question reveals the level of evolution of the questioner. When you ask questions, new options open up before you.

The only worthwhile questions are those which lead to the end of ignorance and give birth to the spirit of enquiry. When ignorance is eliminated, creation takes place and the highest possibility of creation manifests. This possibility is known as the seventh or supreme level of consciousness.

Let us now contemplate to understand our own state:

–                      What are our questions?

–                      What is our present level of consciousness?

–                      How much have we progressed?

–                      How much has our intellect evolved?

The answers to these questions open new vistas for you – you are able to think in new ways. As a result, new thoughts, new feelings and new words emerge from you.  Your questions reveal your current state.

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Peace and transcending Nationalism

November 23, 2012 1 comment

The roots of Nationalism: 

The root thought that promotes this discrimination is, ‘My country is great’ or ‘my race is richer’. There is nothing wrong feeling great about your country. But along with the thought, ‘My country is great”, another thought that gets roots is ‘Your country is not’. Hence a new thought is suggested – ‘My country is also great’…

My country is also great

The word ‘also’ communicates that we recognize the uniqueness of each and every country

The root thought that, ‘Only my country is great’ implies other countries being inferior to yours. With this root thought, people and nations indulge in actions that only widen the rift between countries. There is a need to bring in a new perspective of looking at ourselves as a ‘World Citizen’ along with identifying as an Indian or Italian or German, etc. Only then will we be able to say that ‘My country is also great’. The word ‘also’ communicates that we recognize the uniqueness of each and every country. Just like every living being is different and unique – whether a swan or a sparrow or a butterfly – people belonging to different countries are also unique and special in their own way. We are human beings first and only then respective citizens identified by the boundaries of our countries. We are humans first and only then a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Jain or Jew or Indian or American or rich or poor or black or white etc. Learning to see ourselves as humans first, eliminates all discriminations.

World as one family
Within a country, though there are differences among two regions or states, people from both states unite in case of a war with a neighbouring country; the identify themselves with their nation. Similarly nations across the globe will be able to unite, think, feel and act like one Global community, if we similarly identify ourselves as World Citizens. We will then be able to gather immense strength and make a concerted effort that is required to tackle the problems faced by the world today.

Learning to see ourselves as humans first, eliminates all discrimination

We are humans first and only then a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Jain or Jew or Indian or American or rich or poor or black or white etc.

Every person acts according to his individual beliefs. His actions are driven by the beliefs he keeps about himself, people around him and of the world. If he sees himself belonging to a separate religion, race, country or caste, his actions are driven by this segregation. But when he realizes his true identity as the Self – the existential consciousness beyond the limited confines of various beliefs and his body, his perspective of seeing others also changes. He does not see the other person as someone separate, but a part of the common universal consciousness that exists at all times and at all places.

Painter with a Magic Brush

November 17, 2012 2 comments

Old Story Golden Moral by Sirshree

There is a painter who breathes life into all the pictures he paints, using a magic brush. One day he painted a landscape with trees, shrubs, grass, a well, a house, a scarecrow, and also a few dwarfs. To add resonance to his creation, he painted various symbols on the trees, rocks, stones, on the walls of the well and the scarecrow – all meant to communicate subtle messages. At the same time, he used his magic paint brush to create another such brush which has the power to bring alive the painted objects. This brush too he hid within the painting, giving clues as to its location. What can be more awesome than using one magic brush to draw another such brush, and both possessing the power of breathing life into the paintings created using them. It is just asking the magic lamp of Aladdin for another magic lamp!

Painter with a Magic Brush

It is just asking the magic lamp of Aladdin for another magic lamp!

The dwarfs in the painting would keep wandering around the farm, but they could not see the clues in the painting pointing to the location of the magic brush. The intention of the artist was that these subtle messages should become visible only to those people who searched for them very intently. If you focus on the branches and trunks of the trees, you will see that they form a picture, just as it is possible to discern certain shapes in the clouds if one gazes at them long enough. The dwarfs could not see the hints. So there was no way they could find the brush concealed in the picture.

The sad part was that these hidden messages were of great value for the dwarfs. If they were to look at those pictures and find the message hidden in them, their height would increase as a result.

One day, the dwarfs began to question and seek answers, and began discovering the hidden messages. They gained not only in height, intelligence and wisdom, but also found the magic brush which enabled them to express themselves to their fullest, thus fulfilling the purpose for which the painter had created the picture.

The Magic of Awakening - 111 Answers on Life and Living

Magic of Awakening – The Book

Points to Contemplate:

  • Who is the painter?
  • Who are the dwarfs?
  • What is the painting?
  • What is the secret?
  • What does the brush represent?
Find all the answers in the book ‘The Magic of Awakening – 111 Answers on Life and Living
by Sirshree, released globally in 9 languages on 09/09/09.

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Impersonal service

November 8, 2012 1 comment

Seeker: All spiritual paths lay emphasis on social volunteering and free services (seva) from members. Devotees spend hours and hours together, without any expectations. What is the purpose of this? Does it really help an individual grow spiritually?Impersonal service

Sirshree: To understand the importance of seva, you have to remember your ultimate goal of life. Remember, you have come to earth along with the mind. But while returning, you have to take it back – making it good, unshakeable, pure and loving. If you succeed in doing so, your MISSION EARTH: your purpose of coming to Earth, will be fulfilled. *

Every religion in the world has emphasized the need for purity of mind. Hence the Yam-Niyam, the Panchsheel, the Ten Commandments, etc. have been laid down. People leading impersonal lives easily manage to keep their mind clean and pure. To lead an impersonal life is to serve others with a feeling of selflessness, and to always intend the welfare of others with every action.

There are both positive and negative thoughts in our mind. While we benefit from positive thoughts, we also suffer the ill effects of our negative thoughts. The common tendency of the mind is to be attracted towards negative thoughts. The mind gets tainted due to this. The goal is to make it steady and pure. Hence it is essential to employ it in impersonal service. Impersonal service can cleanse the mind.

Through impersonal or selfless service, the mind can become Hanuman; Hanuman who is always immersed in service and devotion. Described in the epic Ramayana, he is considered to be the epitome of impersonal service. There is no service that is great or meagre for him. He does everything with the feeling of service. It is then that this very mind will become a ‘Super Mind’. ‘Super Mind’ is a mind which reaches that place on time wherever service is required (just like Superman). The ‘Super Mind’ is always ready for service.

The mind is connected with time. Hence you have to become Superman as soon as possible; which means that you have to render impersonal service like Superman. We must therefore resolve to finish our tasks before time. Always employ the mind in impersonal service. Once the mind tastes impersonal service, it will transcend time and go beyond it.

Seva imparts understanding to the mind that it needs to lead an impersonal life. After attaining this understanding, man realises that every work in the world is impersonal.
* Read “The Unshaken Mind” written by Sirshree to know more about Mission Earth.


The Unshaken Mind – Discovering The Purpose, Power And Potential Of Your MindThe Unshaken Mind

The human mind is a wondrous creation. It can be resplendent with the freshness of an infant, or stagnate with the obstinacy of the old age. It can be a devoted servant, or even a wild master. It can be leveraged to earn money or can also be used to attain wisdom. It can surrender in devotion, or be lost in delusion. It can continue to vacillate between the past and future, or serve as a mirror for the Self experiencing supreme happiness. With so many possibilities, this mind can be an all powerful tool with infinite potential for the highest creation. But the mind’s potential is only realised when it is given the ultimate purpose: the purpose of human birth on earth – Mission Earth. The aims that we pursue in our lives are not the true purpose for which we were born. They are merely meant to sustain us.

A shaky mind is a slave of its tendencies and cannot be trusted for the highest Self Expression. It is only a mind that is unshaken and remains unshaken, whose power can be channelized comprehensively towards the highest creation.


God’s Desire

November 2, 2012 1 comment

Old Story, Golden Moral By Sirshree

A mother has three sons. They are all seated in a room. The first son wants to watch the television, the second one wants to listen to the radio and the third wants to paint a picture. All three are fighting with each other. The first son says, “You stop painting.” The third one says, “Switch off the television.” So among each one of them, if one has a problem with the television, the other has a trouble with the radio and the third is upset with the painting. The mother observes them fight and thinks, “Let their wishes be fulfilled.” The mother loves her children and so she does not say a word to them. She feeds them on time, buys them toys and provides them with everything they need.

God's Desire

The children are busy in fulfilling their desires. Then suddenly one day they think of their mother. ‘What is her wish? Does she want us to watch television or not? Does she want us to listen to the radio or not? Does she want us to paint or not? What does she want? It is important to know mother’s wish.’ Every child at some point of time does think what his mother desires, who has always been showering him with unconditional love.

The three children in this analogy symbolise the body, mind and intellect. The mother symbolises the Self. The body, mind and the intellect wish that their mother’s will be fulfilled. They want to know her wish. True happiness lies only in fulfilling their mother’s wish. They discussed among themselves and prepared to surrender themselves to her cause. They all realised that whatever they did so far was only a drama.

  Points to contemplate:

*  What was the mother’s primary desire?
*  What will happen if that is fulfilled?
*  What do children need to do to fulfill it?

Ask yourself whether you really want that your mother’s (God’s) desire be fulfilled through you?

* Find out the answers by reading the book ‘The Unshaken Mind

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