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Quiet Acceptance Works

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

This article was published in Speaking Tree on 12.2.2012.

Make acceptance your mantra and tide over your troubles effortlessly
 says Sirshree.

Can I accept this?

Can I accept this?

‘Can I accept this?’ This is a small but powerful mantra, which can help you in times of crisis. Whenever you find yourself depressed by the happenings around you, ask yourself this question as if it were a mantra. In life, we come across many unwanted situations that cause unhappiness. To come out of that unhappiness, we can make use of this mantra. While asking yourself this question, ‘Can I accept this?’ make the symbol of a bracket using the thumb and index finger of your right hand. Here ‘this’ implies whatever is happening at present. Put in the bracket that what is affecting you. In this way, when we accept a situation, our power to tackle it is enhanced to a great extent. Whenever an unfavourable situation arises, you should ask yourself this question; you will find that the answer will be ‘yes’ most of the time.

If you find yourself saying ‘no, I cannot accept this,’ then you should accept the non-acceptance as well. If you feel you can’t tolerate someone, ask yourself, ‘Can I accept my unacceptability?’ If you don’t get an answer and are still worried, just ask yourself,‘Can I accept this worry?’ When you accept the unacceptable about yourself, something new is created. You will be amazed by the results of this acceptance.

It is possible that you will get a negative answer in some situations. In that case, give yourself some time and after an interval, ask again. A positive answer may not arise immediately, but after a few minutes or a few hours, you will get ‘yes’ for an answer.

You have to understand the power of this mantra and how to use it. Otherwise, you may wonder why should you accept everything and not try to change the circumstances you are in. If your child is not focusing on his studies or the boss is not giving you a promotion, your health is not improving, so shouldn’t you try to do something to change the situation? You should definitely try, but do so after accepting it with all your heart. If you don’t take the first step right, all your other steps could go wrong. That is why you have to first learn the art of acceptance and then work towards improving the situation.

Sirshree's article in Speaking Tree

Sirshree's article in Speaking Tree

When you answer ‘yes’ to the ‘can I accept this?’ question, you have released any negative feelings associated with it. You may consider it just a small step, but it causes a giant shift in your consciousness. At that moment, a number of related and similar issues are also automatically accepted by your mind, and you begin to attract more positive things towards you as a result. The smallest act of letting go helps you in every aspect of your life. It not only frees your mind, it also affects you at the physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual level.

It sets off a chain reaction that reverberates through your being, taking you to a different plane from where you were before.

  1. Sanjay.Bharmani
    February 26, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Whenever I read or listen to Sirshree, its a new shifting and as if I am listning to a new discourse… It revise my memory and bring me in peace and harmony.. Thanks Sirshree!

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