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From Teacher to Tej Teacher

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To create a highly evolved society, inculcating of values in students and children is important. Needless to say, values that teachers and parents live by are what students imbibe. Thus on this teachers’ day, let us look at top three values every teacher could imbibe and the way to inculcate these qualities. The acronym TEJ can help you remember these three qualities. TEJ stands for Truth, Enlightenment and Joy!  The word TEJ is prefixed to the word teacher to remind the potential that every teacher has.  When teachers lead their students to Truth, Enlightenment and Joy imbibing the qualities in themselves first, then they become Tej Teachers.

From Teacher to Tej Teacher

Truth here is all about being honest to oneself and to the profession avoiding all forms of deceit. Enlightenment is the pursuit of the highest knowledge leading to a spiritual life. Joy represents being happy and spreading joy.

Now, this is not a discourse on just what one should do and what one should not do.  Let us discuss the one immediate step that automatically propels you to be a Tej Teacher. And it is not just for teachers alone. If you are a doctor or an entrepreneur, you can become a Tej doctor or a Tej entrepreneur with this first powerful move that you can take in your life.

What is this immediate step or powerful move? It is the shift from living a personal life to an impersonal life. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘impersonal’ is unfriendly or formal or aloof. That is not what is meant here by the word impersonal. Impersonal as opposed to a personal life here refers to an inclusive (as opposed to exclusive) or selfless (as opposed to a selfish) life.

A life lived in the service of others is an impersonal life. When you put service of others first, it automatically leads you to Truth, Enlightenment and Joy (Tej).  Someone leading an impersonal life finds that honesty comes naturally to him or her, spiritual growth happens effortlessly because of selfless service and there is sheer joy everyday in putting a smile on someone else.

Teaching is already a noble profession. But the internal shift from personal to impersonal is critical to leverage this noble profession to truly live a life in the service of others. Thus, contemplate deeply how is it that you are going to cause a shift in the life of your students. What can you do over and beyond teaching subjects? What can you do while in the classroom to cause a shift in the minds and hearts of your students? Your profession as a teacher takes fantastic shape once you take on an impersonal vision and pursue it. Then, money and finances are just vehicles and mediums to support you to attain your impersonal vision. As you practice living life impersonal, you will begin to be free from thoughts of ‘I, me, myself’ and experience oneness with one and all. This is the liberation that a Tej teacher can experience.  The motto of a Tej Teacher thus becomes ‘Living for others because there is no other’.


Sirshree is the founder of Tej Gyan Foundation. Follow Sirshree on twitter.com/sirshree or visit www.tejgyan.org

  1. Jagadish Patil
    January 15, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    Excellent Article !!!!!!

  2. jyoti
    June 26, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Sirshree is great

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  2. January 14, 2013 at 9:58 pm

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