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Self Stabilization – here and now!

Seeker: Are you enlightened?


Sirshree: I am. And so are you.  Jesus said, “I am the son of God. And so are you”. The second sentence was never paid importance to.

Self Stabilization – here and now!

Are you enlightened?

Seeker: Can I attain enlightenment or self stabilization this lifetime?


Sirshree: You cannot attain enlightenment any lifetime. Because the “I” that wants to attain enlightenment can never attain it. This “I” is the mind asking. This is the false “I”.  This “I” asking the question cannot attain it.

Seeker: Let me rephrase the question generally. Can Enlightenment be attained in this lifetime?

Sirshree: Speaking of lifetimes, it is not that there are many births required for enlightenment to manifest in a particular body. It can be attained in this very lifetime. We need to understand how this is possible. Attainment of enlightenment implies stabilization in our original state of Pure Being, where the Experiencer experiences the Experiencer in and through every experience. There is a preliminary state before any game begins. While practicing yogic exercises, there is an initial state before the body gets into any yogic posture. Once the yogic posture is completed, the body returns to its original posture. Science opines that it is further progress that will lead to ultimate liberation. This is inferred because science dwells on the limited framework of logic and reason. Contrary to this, the truth is that you ought to regress (go back) and stabilize in your original state.

The state of Self Stabilization is experienced only upon returning to the original state of Being, the state before the grand game of Creation began. Being stabilized in the state of enlightenment, actions arise out of decisions taken while dwelling in that original state. What does each decision we make indicate? Are our decisions made with the complete understanding of who we essentially are? Are our actions an expression of who we truly are? We offer prayers but are our actions aligned with our prayers? Our decisions clearly indicate whether we do what we say.

For instance, one may say, ‘I want to live a good healthy life’; but his actions (overeating and consequent obesity, for instance) could indicate that he wants to die. He will be puzzled if he is told that he does not value his life. He will not believe it. If we carefully reflect and understand this aspect in depth, we realize that every decision we make reflects whether the decision is arising out of the false identification with our body or out of the clear understanding of our true identity (the Universal Self, our original nature). Enlightenment is the state of stabilization in our original state of Being, an unshaken understanding or conviction of our true identity from where all decisions arise.

Seeker: What is meant by ‘stabilizing on your original state’ or ‘returning to the original state’?

Sirshree: Attaining our essential nature implies returning to our original state.  We are in our original state in deep sleep. Every morning, we wake up from our original state and set out from home to our workplace. In the evening, we return home from work, retire after dinner to the bedroom, on to the bed. Lying on the bed, we go further back into our body and finally into sleep—back to our original state. In this way, we keep regressing further and further until we reach our true state in sleep, wherein we are in the pure experience of Being. How can we get this pure experience of Being in the waking state? We should be able to stay in this pure experience of the Self while we are awake. Our decisions and expression should arise from that state of pure Being. If we can achieve this, then the whole and sole purpose of our life—Self Stabilization—will have been fulfilled. In this state, one experiences contentment, never boredom or lowered consciousness.

Seeker: How much time is required for this to happen?

Sirshree: Consider a student, who wakes up early in the morning and is flooded with a hurricane of thoughts: ‘Today I need to submit my journal in the college . . . I have to rush to college . . . I have to reach early at any cost.’ Suddenly someone tells him, ‘Today is Sunday!’ Having heard this, how long would it take for the storm of thoughts to die down into tranquility? It would hardly take a moment. Self Stabilization can be attained in the same duration. It does not take even a moment!

No sooner did the student realize that it was Sunday, than all his earlier thoughts completely vanished and were replaced with new thoughts. Everything changed within the spur of a moment. Similarly, if you were to realize who you truly are, what would happen the very next instant? What would happen to all the thoughts that were arising out of the false identification with the body? From that state of liberation, how would you perceive all the pain associated with the earlier set of thoughts? This freedom can only be known through experience. Just a while ago, one might have been thinking, ‘I am this hand; my hand is paining.’ And now he realizes, ‘I am not this hand.’ How would he then regard the pain? If he is convinced that he is not the hand (or the body-mind), the hand will continue to pain, but he will no longer be grieved due to the pain. How did this difference come about? This is because he returned to the original state of Being. Given the right understanding, it takes just a moment to attain it.

Once, a man won a lottery. Winning the lottery was a very big deal for him. When he went to claim the fortune, he was told that a certain amount would be deducted towards taxes and the remainder would be credited to him. Upon hearing this, he flew into a rage thinking, ‘The lottery advertisement promised me of a million, and here they are deducting such a large amount.’ His past beliefs and preconceived notions made him mechanically react in anger. In a fit of fury, he said, ‘I don’t want your money. You are cheating. Return my ten rupees that I had spent to buy your lottery ticket!’ He did not realize what he was saying! Our perception of incidents is shaded by our beliefs. Being deluded thus, he could not realize what he was losing for a paltry sum of money. So it is with man: he compromises on the all-important purpose of life, on supreme bliss, for mundane trifles! He finds it difficult to choose between money and enlightenment. Nobody says, ‘Return my state of enlightenment!’

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