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Painter with a Magic Brush

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Old Story Golden Moral by Sirshree

There is a painter who breathes life into all the pictures he paints, using a magic brush. One day he painted a landscape with trees, shrubs, grass, a well, a house, a scarecrow, and also a few dwarfs. To add resonance to his creation, he painted various symbols on the trees, rocks, stones, on the walls of the well and the scarecrow – all meant to communicate subtle messages. At the same time, he used his magic paint brush to create another such brush which has the power to bring alive the painted objects. This brush too he hid within the painting, giving clues as to its location. What can be more awesome than using one magic brush to draw another such brush, and both possessing the power of breathing life into the paintings created using them. It is just asking the magic lamp of Aladdin for another magic lamp!

Painter with a Magic Brush

It is just asking the magic lamp of Aladdin for another magic lamp!

The dwarfs in the painting would keep wandering around the farm, but they could not see the clues in the painting pointing to the location of the magic brush. The intention of the artist was that these subtle messages should become visible only to those people who searched for them very intently. If you focus on the branches and trunks of the trees, you will see that they form a picture, just as it is possible to discern certain shapes in the clouds if one gazes at them long enough. The dwarfs could not see the hints. So there was no way they could find the brush concealed in the picture.

The sad part was that these hidden messages were of great value for the dwarfs. If they were to look at those pictures and find the message hidden in them, their height would increase as a result.

One day, the dwarfs began to question and seek answers, and began discovering the hidden messages. They gained not only in height, intelligence and wisdom, but also found the magic brush which enabled them to express themselves to their fullest, thus fulfilling the purpose for which the painter had created the picture.

The Magic of Awakening - 111 Answers on Life and Living

Magic of Awakening – The Book

Points to Contemplate:

  • Who is the painter?
  • Who are the dwarfs?
  • What is the painting?
  • What is the secret?
  • What does the brush represent?
Find all the answers in the book ‘The Magic of Awakening – 111 Answers on Life and Living
by Sirshree, released globally in 9 languages on 09/09/09.

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    May 15, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Sirshree you are the greatest.

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