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How does one make the mind thoughtless?

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Seeker: How should one watch the thoughts of the mind?

Sirshree: The thoughts of the mind are watched by being a witness. If someone asks you how you hear sounds, what will you say? You will not be able to answer it in words as this is something that has to be experienced, not something that can be explained. In the same manner, you cannot see the thoughts of the mind, you can only experience them. Understand this through an example. You sometimes close your eyes and sit, and the tune of a song plays inside your mind. But do your ears hear it? You will say that the internal tune is not heard by the external ears; it is playing inside. But how do you hear a tune that goes inside? Many a time, you begin to hear songs that you do not even remember. How amazing is this!

When thoughts go on, they are known by you.

When thoughts go on, they are known by you.

In exactly the same way, when thoughts go on, they are known by you. This is because there is awareness in you, which is also called consciousness or the self. Everything is manifesting within this consciousness alone. Like a firecracker in the sky, a thought rises, spreads and vanishes. Then the next thought, and so on. If you understand this secret, you will enjoy every thought like a firecracker.

How thoughts are watched is something that is to be experienced. That consciousness, awareness, the self is present all the time. It is continuously awake and knowing even in deep sleep. When there is nothing, then too it is knowing the nothingness. It is because of this that you wake up in the morning and remark, ‘I had a good sleep last night.’ Who examined this good sleep? You came to know of it because the knower of the sleep is present within you. The body and the mind disappears during deep sleep. You are the knower, not the body. The more you are convinced of this, the more will you begin to get established in the consciousness.

Seeker: How does one make the mind thoughtless?

Sirshree: Mind means a bundle of thoughts. Thoughtlessness means a ‘no mind’ state. To quieten the mind, self inquiry is the most beautiful method. This method is the path (means) as well as the destination (end). When you ask, ‘Who am I?’, then this thought in the form of a question, will cut off other thoughts and end all other thoughts. While this inquiry is on, other thoughts cannot remain. After ending all other thoughts, this last thought of ‘Who am I?’ will also end itself. Then self-realization takes place. This will break the false belief regarding form, the belief regarding the body. You are not limited to the body. You are boundless and limitless. You will realize this through experience. That is why self inquiry is the most beautiful of methods to make the mind thoughtless.

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