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How to be a World Citizen?

One on One with Sirshree: Questions/Answers with Sirshree

Seeker: I wish to do something big for my nation? Please guide me.

Sirshree: First be a World Citizen. ’Start living for others because there is no other.’ When you see the same consciousness in every person – then you will be able to see the world as one family. The Upanishads call this Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. One who understands what Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is one who sees the entire world as his family inclusive of human, plant and animal kingdom. He recognizes being part of the one creation and living like a family sharing everything the world has to offer and caring for others. Seeing the world as a family also signifies being ready to work towards any problem which the world is facing.

How to be a World Citizen?

A World Citizen is a one who sees no boundaries of religion, race, gender, creed, society, sect, and nation. He respects every human life on Earth, without any prejudices and is ready to share everything that nature offers. But how will one become a World Citizen?

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The World is a Family

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is a Family

There are three recommended steps. The first step is to develop your consciousness by recognizing the common thread binding everything on this planet. Thus the first step is the understanding of oneness.

The second step is to develop a global perspective. This can be done by reading the history of other countries, understanding their culture and appreciating their uniqueness. This will make you respect every culture and nation in this world. Interact with people of various countries and cultures. You can do this by traveling, by reaching out to expatriates in your city, through social networking websites, etc. Understand how communities, societies and nations are built. Studying the nature, environment, the balance between the human, plant and animal kingdoms will make you revere the beauty of creation and in turn shall inspire you to take effort to restore and maintain the balance of nature. You shall begin to recognise the common teachings of all great leaders, prophets and saints, pointing to the same Oneness, God and Consciousness present in each one of us. By recognising and identifying oneself with this deeper realm, you operate as a world citizen, seeing the world as one family. All your deeds then emanate from the oneness and you shall only think of the well being of everyone.

The third step is to work towards the benefit of the whole world. As mentioned in the previous chapter, this is to do with taking on impersonal projects for the benefit of others, if possible not just your country – but for the whole world.

Being a World Citizen does not mean you are no longer patriotic to your country. A true patriot is one who elevates the consciousness of his country and also of the world. A world citizen is devout to his country and to the entire world. But he is not one who is only devout to his country while demeaning other countries or is indifferent about other countries. The focus of a World Citizen is elevation of global consciousness – in which his country surely benefits.

A World Citizen works towards establishing an ideal and highly evolved society on Earth. His entire focus, his endeavours, his creation, his inventions are targeted only for the betterment of the whole life on Earth. You have now known the path fo travelling beyond, from being personal to impersonal. Being truly impersonal is when you are ‘globally – impersonal’. Practice the third step to be a world citizen by being ‘globally – impersonal’. It simply needs you to add a global perspective to an impersonal project that you undertake.

Seeker: Why Pray for World Peace?

Sirshree: Whatever you become a medium for, first manifests in your life. Similarly, when you pray for peace, it shall first touch and transform your life. If you pray that help reaches others, help reaches you. If you pray for someone who is ill, your health improves. If you pray for others to get money, money increases in your life. If you pray for the happiness of others, happiness steps into your life. When you awaken love and reverence within you for others, it will multiply and come back to you.

Prayer is an unseen power which manifests in different forms. But due to our own imaginations and preconceived notions, we fail to understand this power.

When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

A man once, began to pray continuously to God with great fervour. After many days, God was pleased with him and said, “I am very happy with your prayers. Ask for whatever you wish. You will get whatever you ask for, but your neighbour will get the double of it.”

The man was delighted to learn that he could get anything he wanted. First, he asked for a mansion. He instantly got a mansion. But he saw that his neighbour got two mansions. He then asked for a car. He got a car and his neighbour got two cars. He then asked for plenty of wealth, which he received, and his neighbour attained double the amount.

Seeing this, he started hating his neighbour. He began to burn in the fire of jealousy. Possessed with this hatred, he asked God to make him blind in one eye. He felt happy to see that his neighbour lost both his eyes. He then asked God to cripple him in one leg. He saw that his neighbour lost both his legs. In his desire to harm his neighbour, he went on hurting himself. But finally he began to repent his sufferings realising, ‘God was pleased with me, but I asked for all the wrong things due to hatred and jealousy. I could have asked for so much more valuable, instead, I lost my eye and leg.’

The same happens with us. Owing to hatred and jealousy towards someone, we often end up taking wrong decisions in haste. At such times we forget that the thoughts of malice and loathing, first affect the body in which they arise. Thoughts such as, ‘My country is great and yours is not’, affect you before causing any harm to others. When the mind is impure, such mistakes are bound to happen. Hence let us not be troubled by seeing others’ progress. Let us, instead, be able to participate in their happiness and share their joy. When you pray for world peace, remember you are increasing your purity of mind and causing a change in your life first.

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